Youth Football Star Sam Gordon Kicks More Butt Than The Boys!

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Sam Gordon is the star of her youth football league–and with good reason! | Source: YouTube

It’s no secret that girls kick just as much butt as boys do at everything from school to sports to Street Fighter, but a 9-year-old named Samantha (Sam) Gordon is taking her youth football league to a whole new level. The pint sized powerhouse has taken Utah youth football by storm, becoming the starting quarterbackfor what was once an all-boys league–she came in first place in nearly every single speed and agility drill during tryouts!

The speedy Sam has a highlight reel that would make a lot of pros jealous–she boasts 35 touchdowns, 65 tackles, and 1,911 rushing yards–Sam’s dad posted a video showing her skills to YouTube and it’s gotten over 2 million hits just since Monday!

Despite it all, Sam’s pretty unfazed by her newfound fame. In an interview on Good Morning America, she simply said, “Most of the times it’s just really fun to be the one scoring the touchdowns rather than the boys.”

Despite being one of the best things youth football has ever seen, it’s not even Sam’s first love. Nope, she actually has a big spot in her heart for the other kind of football–soccer!

Watch her insane highlight reel here. Yes, she actually is running that fast.

Are you impressed with Sam Gordon? Have you ever considered joining a youth football league? Do yo think youth football and other sports should be coed? Tell us in the comments!

Sam Gordon isn’t our only favorite female athlete!

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  • sarah

    that gurl is INSANE!!!

  • Austin Walker

    Wow, I hope she does make it. The test will be with highschool and college ball, but it looks like she may have the moves. Super cool to see that.

    Austin Walker
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  • Rose

    /i knew it would happen someday! GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING!

  • Jawanza

    that gurl is amazing