7 Adorable Unicorn Accessories That You Kind Of Need Right Now

Remember back when we told you how to figure out your Unicorn Name? Right. Well, our love of unicorns has only grown since then. Seriously, in terms of things we’d love to have in our lives, unicorns rank way above some super great stuff like ice cream and celebrity gossip and only slightly below other uber important things like world peace and the internet. That’s why we’re saving up for all these super cute unicorn accessories from Etsy. And the best thing is that we won’t have to save up for long, because each of these cute unicorn-themed items is less than $20! If that’s not unicorn magic, I don’t know what is.

Unicorn Cameo Necklace, $16

This would look so cute with a cardigan and your favorite band T-shirt, right?
Silver Unicorn Bangle Bracelet, $12

Subtle enough to wear to your after-school job, awesome enough to make you smile every time you wear it!
Narwhal and Unicorn Tote Bag, $12

It goes without saying, but if you’re not on Team Magic, you’re kind of not cool.
Instant Sunshine Unicorn Earrings, $12

Wearing these earrings is like doing community service. You’ll cheer everyone up!
Unicorns, Robots, And Cupcakes On Leg Warmers, $9

These combine four of my favorite things in the world. Must. Order. Now!
Magic Unicorn Barrette, $4

I’d like to think wearing these makes you smarter–rock them on test days!
Cutest Unicorn Coin Purse, $7

If you’ve gotta spend your money, you may as well keep it in something super adorable!

Which do you think is the cutest unicorn accessory? Would you buy any of these? What’s your favorite animal? Tell us in the comments!

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