What Is A Menstrual Cup?

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If you think you’ve got only two choices when it comes to not leaking your period all over your jeans, you’re wrong! You’ve actually got three choices: tampons, pads, and a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups don’t get a ton of attention in the media and they don’t really show Diva Cup commercials during Pretty Little Liars, so we thought we’d give you a little primer just so you know the facts. Here’s everything you need to know about using a menstrual cup (well, except for whether or not you’ll actually like using one–you can only find that out by testing it yourself!):
* A menstrual cup is a flexible, bell-shaped cup that you can stick into your vagina like a tampon to collect menstrual blood.

* You can keep a menstrual cup in for about twice as long as you can wear a tampon–hooray for less stuff to do!

* Most menstrual cups are meant to be reused. That means that when you take it out, you’d empty it into the toilet, then wash it out before reinserting it . . . so yeah. That might get messy.

* But because using menstrual cups creates less waste than using tampons or pads, they’re better for the environment–plus, they’re a lot cheaper in the long run!

So, what do you think? Is it worth trying out a menstrual cup for yourself? Tell us if you’ve tried one or if you’re going to in the comments!

This Girl Actually Tried A Menstrual Cup! See What She Thought!

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  • precious

    how on earth do u remove the cup? i mean if it goes all the way in the vagina,how are you going to remove it since it doesn’t have a string to take it out like a tampon? plus in the mean time when u remove it to empty it,doesn’t blood come out? i honestly don’t think its comfortable….

  • C J

    Oh, if only the cup had been available during my menstrual years! It sounds so much more comfortable than those plastic or cardboard tampon tubes. Removing them was no fun, either. Going swimming would not have made me feel as self-conscious. In fact, the only unpleasant thing left is cramps! I’ll recommend the cup to my daughter, cousins, nieces and friends! Fortunately, I have no need of any such product or I would jump at the chance to try it.

  • Jenni

    I have been using them for years and love it. My favorite is the Meluna (they offer different sizes, stem styles, colors, and firmnesses). They really are very easy to use, and really not messy at all. I’ve had bigger messes with pads and tampons. My fingers don’t even get blood on them.
    If you absolutely must empty it in a public restroom you can take a bottle of water with you and rinse it off over the toilet, or wipe it out with some toilet paper, and soap it up next time you’re in the shower.
    No more last minute runs to the store to pick up tampons or pads, no need to worry about them leaking, or getting soaked through No need to worry about TSS.
    They’re very comfortable, as they’re made out of soft silicone or TPE (the same material catheters are made out of). Nothing hangs outside of your body – it’s all worn internally.

  • Kim

    that would be more awkward than you’d ever believe if you had to “change” in public…

    • Jay

      Not true at all – as menstrual cups can be worn for 12 hours they rarely have to be emptied in public and they don’t leak like tampons or pads so far less messy to deal with. If you do have to “change” in public you just empty into the toilet then you can either reinsert, wipe off with toilet paper, or rinse with bottled water. It’s actually FAR less mess or fuss than using tampons or pads as there’s no constant changing, leaking or having to wrap-up and dispose of used tampons/pads.

  • Samantha

    I use one and love it. If you’re in a public restroom, you can wipe it out with toilet paper, then wash it well in the shower the next time. The “why would anyone want to stick that up there” comment is silly, especially considering that tampons are the most popular method. The menstrual cup is easier to use and less painful. I also think it’s less messy because it doesn’t usually leak (unless it’s inserted wrong) and it doesn’t get flushed. <3 my Diva Cup.

  • JustFine

    I am not knocking the menstrual cup b/c I never tried it but tampons seems more sanitary and less messy.

  • DaynaMarie

    My problem would be with the washing it out. I’m pretty much always either in a public restroom or the dorm restroom I share with my whole hall. I can’t imagine standing at the sink with my bloody cup when someone else walks in the room.

  • Bella

    I use one and they’re awesome!

    Some tips:
    -They are a bit messy, so take them out in the shower untill you get used to it (I learnt that the hard way).
    -Learn the different ways of folding it (there are non-graphic vids of this on youtube), so you can insert and remove it more easily.

    They save so much time. I can go to school and leave it in for the whole day, even on a really heavy period. I use a femmecup 🙂

  • Regan

    I wouldn’t… Why would anyone stick that in their vagina? Wouldn’t it hurt?

    • Jay

      Why? Because it’s a lot easier to be active when using internal sanitary products – but unlike tampons menstrual cups are hygienic and safe (no risk of TSS, vaginal infections, increased cramps, increased bleeding, and dioxin risks), which also means they can be worn for 12 hours, with any flow and any time, without needing to alternate with pads so far more convenient, plus they are more comfortable and don’t leak like tampons or pads.

      Menstrual cups have LOADS of benefits over tampons and pads. Nope, they don’t hurt either, as they’re smooth and collect flow rather than absorb it they don’t cause irritation or ulceration like tampons do, they also don’t add to cramps as tampons can – they are actually more comfortable than tampons.

  • Jawanza

    i wouldn’t try it. i saw a different version of these and i thought it was too messy then and i still feel the same. i hate the sight of blood: in a pad, tampon, or a paper cut. so pulling a cup of it out of my vagina wouldn’t be fun at all