Would You Eat Your Deodorant? Like, NomNomNom?

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Oh no, girl. Don’t put that in your mouth! | Source: Shutterstock

There are some things in life that I truly and deeply love but that I’m also guilty of sometimes taking for granted. (Sorry, Mom, Dad, sister, running water!) At the top of this list though would probably be deodorant. I’m not really that loyal to one brand of deodorant, since after a while, any one kind will stop working as well–but deodorant in general is seriously my favorite . . . even above One Direction. What can I say? I really love not smelling bad!

I’ve tried just about every type of deodorant (I especially love the clinical strength variety), there’s one kind that I’m just not so sure about. Deo Deodorant Candy is being sold online and um, it’s deodorant that you’re supposed to eat. As in, put in your mouth and swallow.

No, it apparently doesn’t have all the same chemicals and stuff as your roll-on, stick, or gel deodorant–it’s made with a natural antioxidant that’s supposed to seep through the pores on your skin, making you smell like roses. It makes sense in the sense that you are what you eat, and that your skin, breath, and even down-there areas smell different based on what you’ve had at your last few meals–but it’s still pretty weird to think about eating deodorant.

What do you think? Would you try Deo Deodorant Candy? Do you think it sounds super weird, too? Tell me in the comments!

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  • alice_doll

    Yeah it’s a good idea and all, but I wouldn’t eat it. That’s pretty much like eating sweat.

  • Kat

    LOL I’d never put on my deodorant and lick it unless I was dying, but in a way as you stated, it could be a good thing that we should be able to put on our skin what we can also ingest because if you can’t eat it it’s just as bad for you with all the chemicals and stuff, skin is our number one most absorbant organ.