Some Girls Prep For Saturday Night On Wednesday: Those Girls Are Nuts

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This is NOT what I do most of the week. | Source: Shutterstock

In the world of new and ridiculous studies, yet another doozy has been released: Apparently women start getting ready for their Saturday night plans as early as Tuesday or Wednesday–planning outfits, shopping for new ones, and asking friends how they should do their hair. Reading this, I have to wonder, what planet do these women and girls live on?!

I’ve been invited to two different parties this Saturday, and since this is Wednesday I guess I should just drop everything and get ready for them, right?! Because clearly the phone date I have with my cousin so we can talk about her upcoming wedding isn’t nearly as important as what shoes to wear with which skinny jeans on Saturday night! And, heck, let’s just skip going to the gym and finishing the book I’m reading (It’s called Where’d You Go Bernadette, and it’s awesome), because neither of those are as important as what my friends will think of my hair and nails over the weekend. As for volunteering at my neighborhood soup kitchen on Thursday? A Sephora run is kind of going to bump that off my plate. Sorry, hungry people!

I’m rolling my eyes so much I swear I’ve already burned off all my lunch calories. I mean, I like going out as much as the next girl, but this is the stupidest “study” ever–it implies that the absolute most important thing to girls and women is how we look, which is flat-out insulting. Sure, a lot of us like makeup and fashion, but there’s a lot more to us than that. Plus, this “reporting” is flawed. New Look, the company that commissioned the study about our Saturday night plans, said they noticed a general increase in women and girls buying “going out” clothes from Tuesday onward. Wait. From Tuesday onward until when? Sunday? Isn’t that just every day except Monday? That’s not a trend! That just means people are too tired and overworked on Mondays to bother trying on sparkly tops and mini-dresses!

Oy. What do you think, ladies? Do you drop everything (homework, volunteering, sports, clubs, friends) mid-week just to get ready for Saturday night? And if you do, please tell me how you find the time in the comments!

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  • Jane

    I kinda do this, but it’s not an active thing. It’s more like, in the back of my head I’m figuring out if I have to do laundry to have something to wear, and seeing if my hair washing plans fit in. If I need to buy something, it’s gotta fit in with my schedule, otherwise it isn’t happening.

    If the study is insinuating that we drop everything to start planning, that’s a whole different story.

  • Anna

    I do this, but I have OCD, so guess I get the excuse of needing to think ahead for absolutely every detail ever possible just in case there’s the slight possibility of something going wrong (I legitly have penny nails and a hammer in case of heel breakage)