7 Reasons Not To Kiss And Tell Like Taylor Swift

So, let’s be real here–I love Taylor Swift. I love her style, I love her songs (even though a lot of them are pretty cheesy), and overall I think she’s a great role model for girls. Well, except in one area. Taylor Swift has a terrible habit of committing major kiss and tell crimes. She won’t talk to the media about her relationships, but she divulges all kinds of details about her relationships in her songs–and well, it’s not always the best thing for her. But in the case of Conor Kennedy, who she just might be getting back together with, she’ll hopefully keep her lips zipped and resist the urge to kiss and tell. Why? Because loose lips sink ships (including relationships).

Still not convinced that it’s not so cool to kiss and tell? Check out this list of solid reasons to keep those relationship details to yourself:

Do you kiss and tell? Do you have a friend who won’t stop blabbing about her love life? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Samone

    Finally someone agrees with me!! Taylor swift is a sweet girl but she’s like the ultimate kiss and tell! It gets super annoying when her whole album is about like 5 diffent dudes and how THEY were wrong; not her.