10 Celebs Who Are Probably Happy That Colorado and Washington Legalized Marijuana

Last night was a pretty important night, so it’s understandable if you missed some of the awesomely big news that was announced. I mean, we were electing a POTUS for the next four years, so it was kind of hard to focus on anything else. In case you missed it last night, or in case you missed some pretty ecstatic Facebook statuses today, Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana… and then Washington followed suit.

Yes, it’s true. Weed is legal in two states. If you’re over the age of 21-years-old, you can use it recreationally. And, hey, you can even sell it if you want to! So I’m sure there are tons of people over in those states rejoicing, and I’m even more sure that there are tons of people here vowing to move to one of those states (spoiler alert: they won’t). I’m also sure that these 10 celebrities below are pretty thrilled about the news. Is this going to happen in other states? Who knows. But I’m sure these stars wish it will.

Are you happy Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana? Do you think every state should? Or do you think it’s a terrible idea? Tell me about it in the comments.


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  • Bridgette

    i live in Colorado. its great.