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One Direction are streaming Take Me Home. And we are in love. | Source: Columbia Records

It’s absolutely no secret that we’re obsessed with One Direction, and now we have another reason to love them: They’re streaming their entire new album, Take Me Home, online ahead of its release. They love their Directioners as much as we love them!

You can listen to it here–we think you’ll love it. Because it’s all still sweet and fun, but the band is growing up with its fans. Case in point: “Live While We’re Young,” which may be the most addictive song ever, talks about getting some. They know what they’re doing!

On “Kiss You,” our fave lyric is when they say that they want to show you off to their friends to see them “drooling on their chinny-chin-chins.” Dude, a Three Little Pigs reference? We’re sold. Sold.

Little Things,” similarly to “What Make You Beautiful,” looks at a girl’s insecurities. “You still have to squeeze into your jeans / But you’re perfect to me.” It’s so pretty, but dude, can we please start singing the praises of ladies with healthy self esteem? Look what Bruno Mars started!

On “Last First Kiss” and “I Would,” 1D are after a platonic friend’s affections, and if this girl isn’t madly in love after hearing these, she’s probably heartless. Could you picture Zayn Malik or Harry Styles with a “kick me” sign on their backs or competing with a dude who has “27 tattoos?” (Zayn’s almost there anyway!)

There are a lot of breakup songs, ballads, and even a song dedicated to “Summer Love.” “Rock Me” reminds us a little bit of fellow Brits Queen–in the best way. If you loved Up All Night, you’ll want to take home a copy of Take Me Home. And maybe one of the band members. (We have dibs on Hazza!)

Did you stream Take Me Home by One Direction? Are you going to snag a copy of Take Me Home? Which song is your favorite off of Take Me Home? Do you like Take Me Home better than Up All Night? What’s your all-time favorite One Direction song? Tell us in the comments!

Find out why we want One Direction to take us home!

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  • D_Styles

    Hazza is mine girls! Back off <3

  • Paulene

    When I found out about this, I immediately listened to it. The whole album is amazing! My favorite song from the album is “Rock Me”. It’s so catchy! 😀