Wanna Know Your Horoscope? A Peek At November 2012!


(July 23 – August 22)

The emotional disarray you’re in is telling you to clear out clutter in your life. Even though disorder has a way of feeling familiar, be bold and get out of a mess. Happily, love is in the air, and you can wipe the slate clean of a longstanding simmering conflict. Don’t try to avoid something that you think might cause a conflict. By bravely confronting, you’ll gain both freedom and new supporters. You’ll also feel secure enough to go toward a new goal in school or work!

Your November 2012 Power Play: When someone you care about tells you she’s in a rough place, really do all you can to help her. You have the wisdom and optimism she needs right now.

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  • Chelsea

    Why was that so accurate

  • emma

    so accurate, i have my old friends keeping me and i am also making new friends. i am trying to keep both!

  • Monica

    Wow! This is the most accurate horoscope I’ve ever read…time to move on and let go of the past once and for all!

  • Sunshine

    As cliche as it may sound, I would have to agree with the others. This is, errily accurate. And I rarely read horoscopes.

  • taurian

    it is seriously accurate , every single word . thanks for the heads up

  • Maya

    So creepily accurate. Both mine and my friends..

  • Geminian

    Okay like seriously are these written by a real astrologer or just someone with knowledge of typical problems

  • ashley

    that is actually so accurate, i feel like I could cry…oh my goodness!

  • Sherdell

    OMG!! This is so true and a little scary!
    Okay so one of the guys who was in my previous grades moved away and is coming back and I really like him AND on top of that my my friend and a girl at school got into a fight, well both of my friends go in a fight with the SAME EXACT GIRL! And as for new friends, there is some new people starting to come to my Church! [;
    Best Of Luck To Me! <33