Wanna Know Your Horoscope? A Peek At November 2012!


(April 20 – May 20)

Pay attention to that silent conflict that’s been bringing you down. Your feelings are a signal to act, take a stand, and make a decision – in short, they begin the domino effect of change. Your Taurus instinct is to shield yourself from controversy, but it’s time for you to let some of those secrets out into the open. As for school or work, cut away from a situation making you anxious. You’re about to turn a new leaf in almost every area of your life (including love!) so why burden yourself if you don’t need to?

Your November 2012 Power Play: A new group of people are going to bring some luck (and maybe even some extra money making opportunities!) your way. Don’t be shy—go say hi!

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  • Chelsea

    Why was that so accurate

  • emma

    so accurate, i have my old friends keeping me and i am also making new friends. i am trying to keep both!

  • Monica

    Wow! This is the most accurate horoscope I’ve ever read…time to move on and let go of the past once and for all!

  • Sunshine

    As cliche as it may sound, I would have to agree with the others. This is, errily accurate. And I rarely read horoscopes.

  • taurian

    it is seriously accurate , every single word . thanks for the heads up

  • Maya

    So creepily accurate. Both mine and my friends..

  • Geminian

    Okay like seriously are these written by a real astrologer or just someone with knowledge of typical problems

  • ashley

    that is actually so accurate, i feel like I could cry…oh my goodness!

  • Sherdell

    OMG!! This is so true and a little scary!
    Okay so one of the guys who was in my previous grades moved away and is coming back and I really like him AND on top of that my my friend and a girl at school got into a fight, well both of my friends go in a fight with the SAME EXACT GIRL! And as for new friends, there is some new people starting to come to my Church! [;
    Best Of Luck To Me! <33