24 Emma Stone GIFs To Celebrate Her 24th Birthday

I’d just like to take a moment out of my day to say a very happy birthday to my imaginary BFF, Emma Stone. I’d like to say we’re celebrating by throwing a huge party with all of her closest friends and then having a movie marathon, but that’s actually only happening in my head. So, instead, I’m celebrating on my own by finding amazing Emma Stone GIFs that I know you all really need in your lives.

Emma is totally lovable and girl crush worthy because she just seems like she would be so much fun to hang out with. I mean, just look at all of these different facial expressions she can make! I’m pretty impressed. Here are 24 GIFs that show how I imagine Emma spending her 24th birthday:


She gets to eat a lot of cake. What?! It’s her birthday. She has an excuse:


But first, she gets ready with a little quality shower time:


Then the party starts!


She catches up with some old buddies. Oh, hey, Mila Kunis!


She gossips about her BF a little bit:


Then realizes she’s one year older:


But she says eh, whatever:


She moves on to wondering if it’s time for cake yet:


It’s not:


But she gets over it:


And strikes a sexy pose for the cameras instead:


She finds out it’s finally time for cake: 


She does a celebratory dance for the cake: 


More dancing for cake, because why not?


Then she obviously talks about how delicious it was: 


She eats a TON of cake and feels sort of guilty about it: 


So then she eats an apple to make up for it: 

Ryan Gosling shows up: 


After that adorable little moment, she kind of swoons a little bit: 

As if things couldn’t get any better, it’s time for presents!


Someone gives her socks: 


But then her boyfriend gives her a diamond necklace, so it’s fine: 


She had so much fun at her party, it even made her cry a little: 


Her one birthday wish?

Uh… oops!


Are you a fan of Emma Stone? Who’s your celebrity girl crush? Which of these GIFs was your favorite? Tell me in the comments!


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