Prince Charming Is Overrated: Why We’re So Over Him

prince charming marrying down damsel in distress

Does this look like a damsel in distress to you?! It looks like she just told Prince Charming, “Sorry bro. Not my type.” And a lot of women agree! | Source: ShutterStock

Who needs Prince Charmingwhen gals are taking care of business themselves?

Despite pretty much being told since we’re old enough to talk that eventually a dude on a white horse (or maybe driving a white Mustang, as it were) would be our hero, sweep us off our feet, and be the Prince Charming to our damsel in distress, a new study says we don’t give a crap about all that. Instead of waiting for Prince Charming to save us, we’re saving ourselves–and being with whatever guy makes us happy, whether or not his armor happens to be super shiny.

Research says that a lot of the guys we end up marrying wind up making less money and getting fewer years of an education than we do–and they call it “marrying down.” We call it “living in the 21st century.” This is happening on a global scale, in part because we’re outnumbering guys in terms of college enrollment–so naturally, chances are that more of us would get degrees than the dudes, right?

While “marrying down” hasn’t caught on as much in the U.S. just yet, it’s pretty much the norm in France, Jordan, Mongolia, Solvenia, South Africa, and Spain.

We’re not sure why such a big deal is being made over this, honestly. Just because a guy doesn’t have a PhD doesn’t mean he’s less awesome than a dude studying up to be a neurosurgeon. There’s nothing wrong with earning more money than a dude you’re into, and if you have a few more abbreviations when you graduate college, it doesn’t mean he’s not worth your time.

It may be a factor of circumstances–not everyone can afford a ton of schooling–or just different goals: Is he an awesome mechanic? Does he dream of being a pro skater? Does he hope his band’s getting signed? Is he going into the family business (whatever that may be)? The fact is, as long as a guy has some sort of a goal and motivation, and if he treats you well and isn’t into bad stuff, go for it if he makes you happy.

You won’t be dating down if you don’t play the passive damsel in distress role and wait around for Prince Charming. You’ll be being practical and proactive–and that usually works better. But you knew that already, because you’re smart!

Have you ever played the damsel in distress role to get a guy? Would you rather date a guy who makes less money or doesn’t have as much an education or wait around for Prince Charming? Do you think Prince Charming exists? Tell us in the comments!

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  • angex99

    I won’t be asking on the first date about his money income , if i like him he can be whatever he wants as long he doesn’t just expect to live on my money. Btw maybe you wanted to say Slovenia not “Solvenia” :D.

  • ryan

    I agree if they make you happy then everything else doesn’t matter if ur going up,down,or sidways if they are right for you they will have there own shiny armor

  • Evangeline Rose

    I agree with the statement above100%! Just because you fall for a guy that doesn’t have a degree for being a doctor or lawyer doesn’t mean he’s not a good choice! You shouldn’t love someone for how much money they’ll make at their job, you love them for the person they are and the person they make you when you have them in your life :)!