5 Signs Your Friend is a Total Bitch

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We have our friends, and then we have those people who act like friends, but don’t deserve that title. How do you know if your pal is a friend or a frenemy? If she’s acting like a total bitch and pulling some of the things below, you might want to reevaluate your friendship.

1. Your friend always has to one-up you.
You spent days studying for that test and you’re stoked about that 96 percent? She didn’t think it was that hard, only briefly looked at her notes the night before, and got a 97 percent. You had stomach flu for two days and it was awful? She had it for a week and almost died. You think your parents’ punishments are bad? You should try HER parents’. And on and on.

2. She only calls when she needs something.
She needs to copy your notes from French class, to borrow that supercute dress, or even though she never calls you back, suddenly you have to talk to her all night on the phone after she gets dumped. If you want to borrow something, need a shoulder to lean on, or anything else, she’s suddenly MIA.

3. All her compliments are backhanded.
You know, they’re nice until you think twice, stuff like, “That dress makes you look less fat than the last one did,” when you’re out shopping, or at school, “You got a really good grade…for you!” Anything she says still points out what she thinks are your faults. Compliments should make you feel good, not self-conscious. You don’t need to put up with her bitch mouth.

4. She talks about you behind your back.
We all have our good and bad aspects, but she focuses on the bad and makes sure to bring them up with others. Worse, maybe she’s even starting rumors based on innocent things you might have said (ex. you saying “I got in an argument with Valerie last night” becomes “Amy totally hates Valerie!” when your friend tells someone else – who didn’t need to know your business in the first place). She tells your secrets, makes fun of what you’re struggling with, and if you’re having a serious problem, says you’re overreacting.

bad friend, frenemy

She did NOT just put you on blast on Facebook. | Source: Shutterstock

5. She insults your family or your beliefs.
Ok, we all say not-so-nice things about our families sometimes, but when someone else does, that’s different. When your friend says she would never ever marry someone with what she considers a crummy job, like, heaven forbid, a plumber, and that’s what one of your parents does, she just put down your parent . . . and that’s a total bitch move. Things like, “My mom’s really chill, not like YOURS,” is judging. Being mean to your younger sibling isn’t ok. Making fun of you because of your religion, being vegetarian, political beliefs, or anything else that’s important to you is a no-no.

What can you do if you have a friend who’s acting like a total bitch? Try asking her about it; maybe she didn’t realize she was doing something wrong. But if she tells you you’re being too sensitive or making a big deal of nothing, well, it’s probably time to find someone worth being your friend.

Have you ever had a really bad friend? Have you ever liked someone and then realized they were acting like a total bitch? What did you do about it? Tell me in the comments!

Are You The One Who’s A Bad Friend?

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  • Joy Allen

    My husband is like this! What you think is up with him?

  • Ashley Cumiford

    Ew, I’ve had this happen with a friend of. Over a decade. I was recovering from an addiction and for years she knew and told me she’s there for me. The last day of our “fake friendship” she through it all in my Face with about 100 nasty text messages. I realized two things 1.) we were never the friends I thought because she never wanted me to recover. She liked me sick because she could hold power over me or one up me. 2) she spent so much time focusing on my stuff because she did not want to deal with her own addictions. Needless to say in the last two months of cutting her toxicity out of my life- I am in recovery, Lost 10 lbs And Truly happy!