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Do opposites attract

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I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the saying “opposites attract” – and if you haven’t, well, where have you been?! I’ve heard it countless times during my life and I think that in my experience, it’s proven true. But at the same time, I’ve seen plenty of times where it seems completely wrong.

So when I saw that this was a topic being discussed in our message boards, I knew I needed to get more opinions. What do you guys think? Do opposites really attract? Would you rather date someone totally not like you, or someone really similar to you? Read what these ladies had to say and then fill us in on your thoughts:

Jnutty29 said:
Do you believe that opposites attract or do you think it’s all that is a bunch of bulls**t?

sstar said:
I don’t believe (well, for me, anyway) that opposites attract. I prefer people close to my personality because then we have heaps of things in common.

blueandyellow said:
I definitely think opposites attract. I think it keeps things excited. Of course, you have to have certain things in common like morals and super important things, but different interests keep things fun as long as both of you have an open mind. My SO and I have very different interests, but it’s something that I really enjoy about being with him.

My opinion? I think that opposites attract… to an extent. It’s exciting to date someone who has different interests then you, because then they can introduce you to new things and experiences – which is one of the best things about a relationship! It’s also exciting to be with someone who doesn’t have all of the same opinions as you. I think it makes conversation more interesting.

But at the same time, if you’re completely and totally opposite, I’m not sure if things can work out. You have to learn to agree on some things, or how will you ever get along? In the end, I think it really depends on the people in the relationship and how willing they are to compromise.

What do you think – do opposites really attract? Have you ever dated someone totally different than you? Would you? Do you think it makes things more exciting? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Delosreyes

    Opposites attract is a good thing when it comes to different interest, but when it comes to different values then that’s a whole other ballgame.

  • Michael

    We’ve been married 43 years, have 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren. My wife and I are completely opposite. It work is because we learn to accept each other person’s dominant traits and don’t oppose it in any way, we learn to accept that one partner is better than the other in some traits, and vice versa. We look up at the other partner for some qualities and learn from each other, and we become much better lovers and individuals.

  • Anonymous

    I believe so. I personally need someone opposite me. I’m shy and I prefer guys who are more outgoing and like attention others wise I would get bored of them.

  • Ioana

    Probably it is a little late and the subject closed, but still I will express my opinion. Who knows, maybe somewhere in this world there is one person looking desperately for an answer.

    Personally I have experienced the TOO DIFFERENT … also opinions, also cultures, also nationalities, also habits, also preferences. It is nice and challenging in the beginning since you expose yourself to new things, new life style …. but if the two persons cannot find their way somewhere in the middle than it is strongly painful.

    You invest feelings, time, hopes, expectations that the other one will try to understand your need and to adapt, for your common good …. but you wake up one day and you realize that you are only fighting, struggling for the things to come from themselves without being pushed. But thy are not natural at all.

    So, live your experience, live your story and do not regret anything. Doesn’t matter about the end.

    HURTS but worth it in the end … because you lived!

  • Jessica

    I am living proof that in some cases, opposites do attract. I am about 5’2”, with a purple pixie cut. I have gauges and tattoos. If youlooked at my dating history, you’d see lots of guys like me. They’re tall, dark, and handsome, musicians usually. But the guy I’m involved with now is tall, with blonde hair and eyes the same color green as new leaves. He wears Hollister, and American Eagle, and wouldn’t step foot in a tattoo parlour if his life depe ded on it. He’s intelligent, he’s funny, and he was always dating cheerleaders in high school. He’s now been the love of my life for almost 3 years. And he and I are as opposite as two people can be.

    • Melinda

      I am glad to read this because it gives me hope. I have gauges, tattoos, long dreadlocks, i am NOT a morning person, i am not very physically fit, and i use my brain all day everyday to analyze and conversate deeply. I have just begun dating a man who is physically PERFECT, but nothing like the men I usually date. They are usually a lot more like myself, and they always have long hair. This man has short hair, gets up super early, lives a very regimented schedule, and is pretty dumb. I may be able to handle all of the other differences because they keep me interested, but the dumb part….im not sure I can handle it. But hes the kindest, sexiest man Ive ever been with, and thats a very welcome change. I just have no idea if this relationship has any realistic longevity!

  • Evangeline Rose

    I like dating guys that have a few differences in comparison to me, if you’re dating someone who is exactly like you things can get boring! Go for a guy that has a few, if not more, differences than you!

  • Gina

    i disagree completely i tried to like a guy completely opposite to me just because of that saying and i hated every moment of it .

  • back@u

    i think it’s possible that it could work..depending in what WAY are we different? if it’s about hobbies, work preferances and small things like that may be. when it comes to PERSONALITY difference, i could possibly try it but it wouldn’t work for me in the end because my #1 non-nagotiable is that the guy will understand me 🙂

    my boyfriend does and nothing feels better than not having to explain myself too often. i’m not that good at expressing feelings so it feels so good to have someone complete my sentences lol.

  • anonomous

    he was my fave football teams rival.

  • V

    my boyfriend and i are totally different. he’s a little troublemaker while i’m the angel and he knows how to make me smile, while i know how to comfort him. it balances out perfectly 🙂

  • guuuurlpowaaa

    Personally, I definitely think opposites attract. I’m a ‘good girl’ and I go for ‘bad boys’.I find it more exciting.