What Should You Talk To Your Boyfriend About?

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churpz said:

I never know what to talk to my boyfriend about. We’ve been dating for three months and I love him to bits! He loves me and stuff and we always hang out but I never know what to say or do. We mostly hang out at school, so we can’t really kiss/hold hands… but we always hug after school. We hang out at lunch and he might tickle my leg when we sit together or something, but I never know what to do back… so I just smile. 

I always find myself relying on my friends to make conversation. Warning: he’s not a romantic type, so when I say “I love you”, he will say, “same” or “you too”. He doesn’t call me beautiful or anything, but I don’t mind. How do I talk to him?

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  • Anonymous


  • breanna

    I have the same problem but i think im gonna break up with him soon

  • Hannah

    I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a total of 4 months now. I treat him not only as a boyfriend but as a best friend. There no limit to what we talk about, we just have fun. Talk to him like you would anyone else, there’s no need to be shy around him. Just try to be yourself and don’t over think it. c:

  • Kehaulani

    Play 21 questions with him!

  • blair

    me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 4 months now, he is always busy and we rarely talk, when we do its empty words. Our convos are boring and it seems like he never puts much effort into them. Also, i wish we would talk 24/7 but he always just doesnt reply to me. It’s better in person but we are both very busy and see eachother maybe once a month. I feel it would be better to just tell him he sucks at texting, but im scared it wont help.

    • peri

      ok so if u ever talk to him at school or anywhere else IN PERSON then u should tell him but kinda laugh about it tell him in a kind of… joking manner. dont let him think that your super mad or anything. And also get time to see eachother! there must be one day of the week that hes not busy! find that day and get together with him!
      Hope i helped 🙂

  • Jackie

    Guys, that isn’t love!! Just the fact that you’re still in the awkward, giggly phase of this relationship proves it. Love doesn’t feel monumental, like these feelings you have now. It just feels comfortably with a little bit of craziness thrown in. But the fact that you can’t talk to him about your day or have a comfortable conversation tells me that you’re not in love. I’ve been with a guy for 8 months, and we still haven’t said the “l” word. Talk to him about what you talk to your girlfriends about- your day, annoying family, the test you just took.

  • Kristen

    The best part of a relationship is communication. You need to be able to talk, it doesnt have to be so serious but joking around helps! Just keep is simple and act like your talking to one of your friends. Bring up anything (worth saying) that pops into your head & ask him questions. If he is into you he will want to share his thoughts with you and his opinions. If hes not so into you then he will not be interested in sharing his thoughts or his actual life details with you.

  • rlygoodgurl

    I think you should take the initiative to start a conversation with him. I mean, he’s YOUR boyfriend. Start off, asking him about sports, tv shows, etc. and soon you’ll find you have common interests. Then, conversations between the two of you will be a piece of cake. Hope this helps! Good luck. 🙂

  • Asdfkl

    I talk to my boyfriend like a friend and wevare best friends and we have a lot of good memories and inside jokes. The way I see it, is if you cant talk to him, theres no future. If you get married to someone you live with them and youre with them almost 24/7. If youre too nervous to say anything, just imagine what that would be like. Best of luck to you .xx

  • Anna

    I’m in the same situation! My BF and I have been dating for only a month and a half but we have only hugged ONCE. We sit together with my two other guy friends at lunch and it is AWKWARD. I really want him to show people that we are dating but he doesn’t get the clue. He doesn’t hold my hand or hug me. What am I doing wrong?

    • Ashlandmarie

      This isn’t your fault, it could be he’s not tht kinda of romantic kind of guy. If it gets to the point u can’t handle it or your really getting upset. Say something. I did and now we hug all the time and we sit with our friends it’s been two months today and we are like best friends since I said something.

  • Kendall

    for one, its only been 3 months and i doubt you’re actually reaaaaally in love with him. but i dont know you so i wouldn’t know. he’s supposed to be your best friend and you should be comfortable with him so it shouldn’t be hard. if you don’t know what to talk about with him you’re obviously not in love with him or you would have lots to say.

  • Cassy

    Sounds like you shouldn’t be dating him. If a guy doesn’t call you beautiful and you don’t know what to talk about, then you’re relationship is pretty one sided. If he doesn’t say I love you, even when you are. He probably isn’t that into you.

  • sydney

    Thats kinda the point, your in school. no need to rush , or be too serious. have fun, this is the time of your life to just have fun and never settle.

  • Heather

    I have been wondering the same thing!