One Direction Do Vogue!

One Direction Vogue

This might be the luckiest girl on the planet: In a Zayn Malik-Harry Styles One Direction sandwich. | Source: Vogue

Most stars dream of gracing Vogue at any point in their careers, and some veteran celebs have yet to do it–but One Direction aren’t just any celebs. They’re also the biggest boy band on the planet. And guess what? They’re pretty thankful for Directioners for making that happen. The cute Brits (and lone Irishman!) gave a predictably adorable interview with Vogue–and also posed for a photo spread and looked, well, predictably gorgeous.

They even love it when you shriek and cry. Which is good, because, let’s be real–if we were ever within 100 yards of them, we’d have a complete meltdown too. “I love it,” Niall Horan said of the crying, yelling, and general hysteria. “I love the screaming!” Niall has a pretty good perspective on everything, too: One Direction know that their fans are what keeps them working, so they give you everything they’ve got. “They love it, too: they’ve all got their tickets and they’ve been waiting a year or so to see you, so you’ve got to give it your best,” Niall added. (See? We love him because he kinda gets it.)

“You’re never going to get used to walking into a room and have people screaming at you,” Harry Styles quipped. “There’s a lot of things that come with the life you could get lost in,” he said, “but you have to let it be what it is. I’ve learned not to take everything too seriously.”

Did we mention that the model in the spread with them made a note to say that she didn’t know who they were or really like them before they met? Way to rub it in, sister.

“I tried to fancy them, really I did, but I just didn’t. They reminded me of my little sister’s friends. I hadn’t realized how big they were to be honest,” the model, Edie Campbell, said. “I was perhaps the only female left under 25 who wasn’t aware of their superstardom status, but I’m much more of a fan now,” she admitted. As for her dish on 1D? “They’re such sweet, nice boys and incredibly enthusiastic. They wanted to be famous and now that they are famous, you get the impression that they still love it, which is really nice to see.”

So what were they like? “The others didn’t really say much to me, just Harry,” Edie said. (Big surprise!) “He looks so young, but he’s so sweet. The hair was very prominent–it was swept back like lots of teenage boys wear it. The hair was impressive.” Still, he didn’t really spit that much game at her–so no need to flip out or stalk the poor gal! “He left me hanging at the end of the day though. We went to say goodbye and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, I went into the right and then to the left–like you do in fashion, the double kiss–and by the time I’d got round to the left, he’d disappeared,” she said. “There was no serenade, no ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ nothing.”

Maybe she was too young for him!

Who’s your favorite member of One Direction? Which member of One Direction do you think is the best dressed? Who’s your favorite boy band? Are you a full blown Directioner or a casual One Direction fan? Tell us in the comments!

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