Ask A Guy: Do Guys Get Nervous About Their First Kiss?

First Kiss

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Dear Ethan,

Do guys get as nervous about having their first kiss as girls do?

Oh man, I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday (it wasn’t, I swear). And if my profuse sweating and clutching of the couch for dear life during said kiss was any indication of my nerves at that moment, then yes, I’d say I was about as nervous as any girl could have been.

The truth is, most guys get as anxious as girls do about plenty of stuff: breaking the ice, asking someone out, and of course, moving in for the kiss. And if it’s a first kiss, well, that can be about as stressful as a student government election speech in nothing but underwear. Since our world is one in which the guy is (though perhaps unfairly) often expected to make the first move, this experience can be especially harrowing for dudes.

Fortunately, a romantic role in a school play allowed me to practice for my first real time, and softened the blow a little bit. But despite my fake fantasy smooch (which I was forced to perform in front of my parents, no less), I was still super stressed about my first real-deal make-out sesh. It didn’t help that I was painfully into the lady involved, one of the coolest girls at school. The result was a fish-mouthed kiss executed by a stammering mess of a guy who literally shook as he moved in with a spastic, clueless tongue. Fortunately, she was more than patient with me—and either she never noticed my periodic open-eyed glances of panic around the room, or pretended not to.

In an attempt to preserve an air of masculinity, we guys might play it off like a first kiss is no big deal, but most of us are just as frightened as you ladies. I know of guys who have practiced on pillows, run away in panic, or have even thrown up (thankfully before the kiss began) in anticipation of the big moment. Just keep this all in mind when it’s your turn to take the plunge! (Though you can probably forget about the puking part. That might be best.)

Good luck!

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  • joy

    Do girl get wet when kissing her boyfriend?

  • Lolly

    “Hey, guy! Do half the world’s population get nervous, just like the other half?”


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    • Ethan Fixell

      haha, you’re a little snark, aren’t you? (for the record, guys bleed green like ninja turtles.)