5 Of The Most Hilarious Exercise Workouts You’ve Ever Seen

Nobody looks good when they’re doing sweaty, strenuous exercise workouts. Case in point: I was out shopping with friends a few weeks ago, and this guy stopped me and said, “Oh, don’t you go to the YWCA?” When I said yes (naturally thinking he remembered me because I look extremely hot in my little mini-shorts), he said, “Yeah, sometimes I worry about you when you turn super red on the treadmill!” I nearly died, but then I thought about how gross and generally miserable everyone else looks at the gym, and decided it was no big.

If you feel a little silly doing your exercise workouts (and who doesn’t), check out these five super funny videos of the most ridiculous fitness routines ever. You never realized you looked so good working up a sweat!

Working Those Abs

This chimp and bulldog duo sure know how to feel the burn!
Squeezing The Cheeseburgers Out

Seriously, the dude in the yellow pants can’t help but laughing.
Breathe Through It

She hasn’t even started her exercise workout and she’s already out of breath!
Spot Does Squats

I know a few very lazy dogs who could stand to learn this trick.
Practice Makes Perfect

I’m pretty sure using the Shake Weight might help you be good at . . . something else.

Do you have an exercise workout you swear by? What’s the funniest workout you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments!

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