Demi Lovato Dishes On Her New Album–And New Hair!

Demi Lovato bangs blonde hair new album

Demi Lovato has new hair, a new album, and a new outlook. Not bad, right? | Source: WENN

It’s no secret that we have pretty huge girl (gurl!) crushes on Demi Lovato, so we’re freakin’ stoked that she’s releasing a new album soon. She gave some details on her upcoming record in a new interview–and she also revealed whether blondes really do have more fun.

“I’m bringing the sound of real music back,” Demi assured. She’s got about three or four songs in the bag already. And you know how we have a girl crush on Demi and one on Adele? Demi loves the sassy British chanteuse as much as we do, and she’s using the proud new mama’s influence in her own music. “I think Adele does a great job–they are catchy pop songs, but it’s real music and there are instruments,” Demi gushed. “I want to bring a lot of that back. There’s going to be some fun, lighthearted songs with kind of a throwback sound. But I say one thing and then I spend like a month in the studio and it ends up being totally different, so I don’t know!” Nothing wrong with natural evolution, Demi!

Demi’s evolved on the inside, too. Following her very public battles with eating and bipolar disorders–as well as self-harm–she looks and feels better than ever. How the heck does she manage it when she’s busy recording and sassing Simon Cowell on X Factor? “I make time,” she said. “I’m a really dedicated person. And I know that if I work really, really hard now, I can get to the place that I want to be in my career so that maybe in a couple years–or whenever I make it to that level–I can take a break… Travel the world. Spend a ton of time with my family. Maybe start a family.” So when would that all go down? Not anytime soon, so don’t worry, Lovatics! “Years and years down the road.”

In the meantime, she’s enjoying her work now and relishing in her edgy new look. How does it feel being a blond bombshell? “It’s crazy! I never ever thought that I would go blond, but I’m having fun with it,” she said. As for her cute bangs? “I just feel like myself again,” she said of her flaxen fringe. “It reminds me of being 15 again–when I was doing Camp Rock. I don’t know how long I’ll keep them, but for the meantime it just makes me feel like myself.” Here’s hoping they don’t remind her of Joe Jonas, though!

What’s your favorite Demi Lovato song? Are you excited for Demi Lovato’s new album? What’s your favorite Demi Lovato hair color? Tell us in the comments!

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  • samantha

    i love you demi lovato….i love your songs,your voice,your hair…everything…ilove you <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Alexz

    I love Demi Lovato!! Ready for that new album : )

    Oh and another thing, I hope every who can vote, DOES!
    I just voted for my first time today!! I’m fresh out of high school and was able to vote my first time as an 18 year-old!! Only 1/4 of people in the country can say that “) so if you can vote, PLEASE DO!! and if not, then next election will be your time!!