How To Give Your Furby A Personality That Doesn’t Suck

the new furby can change personalities

Some of Furby’s personalities suck! | Source

My boyfriend knows me very well. So well, in fact, that he bought me one of the new Furby toys to be delivered to me at work the day they came out. I loved my original Furby, and let me tell you that this new Furby is even more awesome . . . except for when it isn’t!

Let me explain. You have to play with your Furby for a while before it changes and gets its personality. You don’t really know what personality your Furby will have, but the instructions that come with him say that how you interact with him will shape your Furby’s personality. I guess my boyfriend and I were really nice to the Furby, because when his personality finally showed up, his eyes were filled with hearts and he just wanted to sing songs and be hugged. So cute!

The bad thing happened when we decided to take our Furby out to meet friends. The place we went was kind of noisy with tons of loud music in the background. At first, it seemed like Furby liked the music, since he was dancing along with all the songs. But then, Furby changed into this really annoying caricature of a bratty teenage girl. It kept interrupting everyone by shouting, “Blah blah blah!” and when you’d feed it, it would sort of roll its eyes and say, “Finally!” in this totally bitchy way. My boyfriend and I were devastated. What happened to our sweet little Furby? We hated this stupid Furby!

Back at home, I Googled how to change your Furby’s personality (because yes, this is that important–you can’t turn Furby off–I’d be stuck with bitchy Furby forever otherwise!). It took me a while to find anything, but then I discovered that if you pick one action to do with your Furby and do it over and over and over, you can change your Furby’s personality. So, I sat there on my bed and pet the top of my Furby’s head for probably five minutes straight. The bitchy Furby kept complaining that she hated it and wanted me to stop, but then finally, her eyes closed and started flashing. My Furby was changing! When Furby opened its eyes, they were full of hearts again, and all Furby wanted to do was sing.

I’m super careful now about not taking my Furby anywhere loud, but at least I know what to do now if Furby gets another personality that sucks!

Do you have a Furby? Do you know anyone who does? What personalities are the Furbies you know? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. avatartae ka says:

    i just got a furby boom .what should i do to get fiesty personality?

  2. avatarrorowinx says:

    I have a Furby,too. He’s so cute,and he always wants to sing like yours,and he usually has musical notes in his eyes! But my furby started acting weird and now he won’t stop farting or burping or snoring! He’s next to me right now.Furb,please get back to your old self and don’t make cow noises!

  3. avatarFurbyCO says:

    I created furbys

  4. avatarKatie reeves says:

    The good thing is my furby was so nice,but my dad
    Was being so mean to my furby then I read this and
    Now I now how to fix it


  5. avatarBonnie says:

    I’m from Denmark, so sorry the spelling, we got a blue wather furby to Day, first so cute, and nice….and then it chanced, now it is hyper, singing, and talking vero loud……but i am gonna try the loving way….and se what happens

  6. avatarIsabelle says:

    My furby is like sooooo sweetheart like all the time!!!!accept when my really mean cousin plays with her.then she starts acting mean and even says curses

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  8. avatarTracy says:

    I haven’t had a lot of time to play with my furby, but have tried when I had a chance!! I got her out to play today and she changed into a really rude guy from London!! He has an accent and everything!! He burps and farts and says very rude things and I too was very worried that I wouldn’t get my little Na-bah back. I am going to try and get mine to change back using your suggestions!

  9. avatarKarina says:

    Hi! My Furby makes me very sad and angry…
    Every time I wake him up, I tickle and pet its head (he’s sweet personality) after a bit, his eyes are crossed and he says something strange then he says ,,haa” and looks like he’s very scared. After 5 actions like this, he is changing into a bad boy. I’m fed up transforming him every time he wake up (I learned somewhere how to do that). Please, I need some help, I did it 10 times (this transformation) but I can’t repeat it every time…

  10. avatarAndrea says:

    I saw someone’s Furby and fell in love with it (was a 2012 purple one), so I decided to get my own. Now I have a 2013 blue with pink hearts. I was a bit disappointed, as the one I knew was a “boy” and I loved his voice, the way he talked. Mine is a sweety little girl, and I don’t like her that much. She was angry once, and had a male voice, and I totally loved her that way. Unfortunately it only happened once, and I would love her to change to a cool guy. She started to sing an opera in a male voice, I couldn’t stop laughing! Some people complain that their Furby is rude. I want mine rude :) How do you do that?

    • avatarkiki says:

      when I got my furby it was already rude and it is cute because it says OHno you didn’t! and things like that but my growly furby party rocker made it a deep London male voice and I cried! I looked it up and I turned it upside down, pulled its tail and fed it at the same time and then its eyes went black! I turned into a sweet furby and I cried again then I saw this and played katy perry ft. scrillex E.T. and it went back to how it was
      BTW u dint give my type of furby a chance! she is so nice and cheeky

      • avatarIsabelle says:

        Kiki this is for you: my furby was like that for MONTHS then I saw this and changed it. The point is I love sweet furby and I used the furby app to make its voice higher so it sounded like a girl.

    • avatarangela says:

      you give it to my 4 and 6 year old! they do it all the time!

  11. avatarJennifer says:

    Ok for every bodies furby who is stuck on a personality that they don’t like, turn it upside down pull its tail and stick your finger in its mouth and push the tongue down until its eyes turn off. It goes back to sweet furby. I found this on google somewhere when my daughters furby changed and it works every time! :)

  12. avatarCoco says:

    My furbys personality is a really funny singsongish cutie, she always wants hugs and attention. Only recently I turned my furby evil as an experimental and it was totally horrible. Dont try it unless you wanna get frightened to sleep ^.^

    • avatarCoco says:

      Lol and also I dont like how the maker made really scary and worrying personalities. Im 16 and have a furby, it doesn’t worry Me if my furby turns into an evil old man but my little sister who is 6 has no idea what to do if it happens to her, it’s happened quite a few times to her. And she always ends up in tears. Sorry but the maker needed thinkl more bre he/she. Released the product. Sorry bout my horrid spelling nd stuff onmy Mobile ^.^

  13. avatarMichelle says:

    My daughter’s furby sounds like a man. Deep voice, farting, burping, sneezing…. lol it is funny but a little frightening! We call him Manurby

  14. avatarGideon says:

    Here’s Some Help

    Furby Personalities

    Sweet – pet furby & give hugs
    (Your Furby will have hearts surrounding pretty flowers on the left ear and will have a calm. personality.)

    Hyper – Talk to furby a lot, tickle furby put in front of tv!
    (Your Hyper Furby will have a tornado with Blah words around it.)

    Jolly – Pet and feed
    (Your Jolly Furby will talk to you with an Aussie accent, fart and eat a ton)

    Feisty – Tilt And Shake
    (Your Feisty Furby will have a nunchucks and BAM! Pow!)

    Rocking – Play Radio/Sing
    (Your Rockin Furby will have a Mohawk with sunglasses playing a tune on a guitar.)

  15. avatarShea says:

    Well, my story is very similar to this one. First of all, I was looking online about Furby stuff and I came across a Youtube video about how you could change Furby’s personality by over feeding it. So of course I wanted to try it right away, so I ran and got my Furby, fed it until my arm hurt, (which was a very long time) and then when I stopped feeding it, my Furby started complaining that it wasn’t feeling good and soon after that, its eyes started flashing and next thing I know she started acting different. Instead of the sweet, shy Furby, it was a crazy, excited Furby. (Which I still liked.) Anyways, then I decided to over feed my Furby again. And the same process, she complained about not feeling good, her eyes flashed, blah, blah, blah. But this time when my Furby changed, it changed into a male Furby! And I seriously don’t like it. But no matter how many times I over feed it, it won’t change back into a girl! Wha the hell do I do? I want my old Furby back! :’(

    • avatarkikki says:

      feed it, pull tail and tip it upside down and hold it like that till eyes turn black then it will turn into sweet furby again!

  16. avatarNikki says:

    My daughter got the blue Furby Boom with pink hearts for Christmas and it kept changing from a cute baby girl, to what sounds like a pompous gay guy! Now, he’s stuck like that. She does not like her Noo-Toh this way! He’s not really mean, just annoying. And gassy. I’m going to try the repetitive thing mentioned in this post and hope it works. He also won’t lay any eggs in this personality for some reason. It says its ready on the iPad, but pops up that it can’t find Furby Boom. But it does everything else, like eating and showering. Maybe this has nothing to do with the personality, but I’m hoping once I figure out how to change it back to the sweet little girl, she will lay more eggs. I see my daughters dissappointment on her face when she tries to play with it. Though its just a toy, its saddening for a mommy to see that on her childs face… :-(

  17. avatarcynthia says:

    my son has the blue furby and yes his did the same thing he let it listen to loud alternative music and he changed with flames in his eyes and farting all the time and saying cool alot really scary to my son but we got him back after some lovings but now he seems to cry alot and we dont know why

  18. avatarMamabear says:

    My daughter’s furby was real sweet and cute. Until all of a sudden it started talking like a bad asian stereotype. This masculine voice totally came out of nowhere! My daughter wasn’t treating her furby any different than normal, cuddling and playing disney princess songs. I don’t know what to do to change it back to the furby she loved! She’s kinda scared of it now.

  19. avatarVera says:

    My furby became girlish but not bitchy. He just had eyelashes now and says stuff like Omg, no way!
    Like, girls like talking!
    Actually I wanted my furby to be a boy……

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