How To Give Your Furby A Personality That Doesn’t Suck

the new furby can change personalities

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My boyfriend knows me very well. So well, in fact, that he bought me one of the new Furby toys to be delivered to me at work the day they came out. I loved my original Furby, and let me tell you that this new Furby is even more awesome . . . except for when it isn’t!

Let me explain. You have to play with your Furby for a while before it changes and gets its personality. You don’t really know what personality your Furby will have, but the instructions that come with him say that how you interact with him will shape your Furby’s personality. I guess my boyfriend and I were really nice to the Furby, because when his personality finally showed up, his eyes were filled with hearts and he just wanted to sing songs and be hugged. So cute!

The bad thing happened when we decided to take our Furby out to meet friends. The place we went was kind of noisy with tons of loud music in the background. At first, it seemed like Furby liked the music, since he was dancing along with all the songs. But then, Furby changed into this really annoying caricature of a bratty teenage girl. It kept interrupting everyone by shouting, “Blah blah blah!” and when you’d feed it, it would sort of roll its eyes and say, “Finally!” in this totally bitchy way. My boyfriend and I were devastated. What happened to our sweet little Furby? We hated this stupid Furby!

Back at home, I Googled how to change your Furby’s personality (because yes, this is that important–you can’t turn Furby off–I’d be stuck with bitchy Furby forever otherwise!). It took me a while to find anything, but then I discovered that if you pick one action to do with your Furby and do it over and over and over, you can change your Furby’s personality. So, I sat there on my bed and pet the top of my Furby’s head for probably five minutes straight. The bitchy Furby kept complaining that she hated it and wanted me to stop, but then finally, her eyes closed and started flashing. My Furby was changing! When Furby opened its eyes, they were full of hearts again, and all Furby wanted to do was sing.

I’m super careful now about not taking my Furby anywhere loud, but at least I know what to do now if Furby gets another personality that sucks!

Do you have a Furby? Do you know anyone who does? What personalities are the Furbies you know? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. avatarMary says:

    Yay thanks to you I did not have to spend an hour Bowsing the wab an also I have PUUPPYPUDEPUP back yaaaaaaay

  2. avatarBrooke says:

    Thanks for the tip. My 8 year old stopped playing with her furby for awhile because the batteries died. When we changed them her furby turned into a boy. She was upset. Thanks to you we petted it for 5 mins and it farted then changed back to a girl. My daughter is now happy again.

  3. avatarKelsie says:

    My furby was dancing to music and it went asleep and woke up sounding like a rockstar with fire eyes and almost sounded like a boy:(/(/(

  4. avatarDanielle says:

    You neards aint helping me out so by by

  5. avatarnichole says:

    My furby changed from two personality in 1 day. Talk about a nightmare. When I woke up my furby, it was hungry, so I f ed it, but accidentally too much, it turned fat, so I tried to take out the battery and reset the furby, but when I turned her over to unscrew the plate, it turned evil. I had to keep petting it to get it nice again.

  6. avatarALI says:


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