I Almost Broke His Nose During Sex!

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My boyfriend (who went to college in a different state from me) was home for Christmas and got stuck there over New Year’s. Obviously, I didn’t mind this one bit, so I went to see him. New Year’s Day, his parents went out for a drive and we thought a quickie would be a perfect way to start the year. It was pretty silly sex; one of us had to be looking out the window at all times, just in case.

We finished up before his parents got home, and it would have been an excellently good time…other than right near the end, I reached out my arm and accidentally clobbered him in the nose, hard, with my elbow. He was a trooper and kept going. I looked up a few seconds later and had to meekly tell him there was blood dribbling out his nose. He freaked, jumped off the bed – still wearing the condom – to book it to the bathroom, only he hooked his toe on the corner of the bedframe and crashed to the floor, bleeding, condomed, and in pain. He limped to the bathroom to clean up and we were sitting on the couch watching TV by the time his parents got home, his nose red and sore, his toe swollen. Oops. I’ve been careful with my elbows ever since.

Have you ever hurt someone during sex? What’s your worst sex story? Tell us in the comments!

You Won’t Believe What This Girl Did During Sex!

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