We’re So Over Fall–Let’s Have A Summer Dance Party Instead!

Ever heard of a little thing called Hurricane Sandy? Oof–All of us at Gurl (we’re here in New York) are fine, but we know it caused some serious devastation and that a ton of people are affected. Our thoughts go out to everybody, but we could also really use a happy distraction right about now . . . so what better time to re-live all our fantastic summer memories and trick ourselves into thinking it’s still sunny and warm and dry (unless you’re on the west coast where this is actually the case and you totally didn’t know that it’s almost November)?! Let’s get down for a Summer Pop Medley dance party!

Also, Kurt and Sam are very excited to announce their
Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Sam’s independent album featuring all original songs (produced by KHS) and companion videos for the album’s songs. Rad!

Were you affected by Hurricane Sandy? Do you love this summer dance party medley as much as we do? What’s your favorite sunny song to listen to when times are tough? Tell us in the comments!

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