A Guide To Doing Your Make Up In The Dark

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Anyone else out there stuck without electricity because of a little Frankenstorm named Sandy? Well, even if you’re not, I think this guide will help. Who knows when you’ll have to do your make up in the dark? You could lose electricity yourself. Or be trying to put on your face in a movie theater. Or find yourself hiding under a bed and for some reason desperately need a smokey eye. All of these options are totally likely and if getting kicked out of the Girl Scouts after my first meeting taught me, it’s that you should always be prepared. So, here’s a quick guide based on my experience this morning.

1. Turn on the light in your bathroom. Realize that the power has been out for over 40 hours and of course that includes your windowless bathroom.

2. Cuss a lot.

3. Go get your flashlight. Realize you don’t know where you put your flashlight.

4. Cuss a lot.

5. Decide to do your make up by candlelight. Hell, if it was good enough for Jane Austen, it’s good enough for you.

6. Think about the timing of Jane Austen and wonder if that last thought made sense. Decide that it doesn’t matter. You have more important things to
think about, like lip liner.

7. Pull out your make up and start covering your blemishes.

8. Realize you have a lot less blotchiness in the dark. Maybe this no electricity thing isn’t so bad after all. The cavemen could have been onto

9. Go for your bronzer. Decide that more is more when it comes to powder that is approximately 7 shades darker than your skin and don’t skimp at all.

10. Same with cheeks. It’s dark out there and you don’t want people to think you’re a ghost. Apply almost a fistful of your blushing cream per cheek.

11. Next is eyes. You don’t normally wear liquid liner, but why not try today? Don’t let things like light, skill and corneal injury stand in your way. Go for the liquid liner. Don’t forget to make sure it’s waterproof and that you’re out of make up remover.

12. Mess up a lot and cuss.

13. Apply two coats of the dark black mascara you only save for special occasions. A Frankenstorm is totally a special occasion.

14. Go to your brother’s apartment who does have electricity. Ignore his look of shock and cries of “Sweet lord, your face!” because you know you look fabulous. Beauty comes from within, girl.

Who out there still doesn’t have power and is reading this on their phone? Anyone with any serious no electricity make up tips? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Lola

    … I honestly don’t care about how I look after a hurricane… It’s like idk dumb to try & fix ur self up without electricity…get my flow?

  • Julia

    No one cares about beauty in a hurricane. Everyone walk around in sweats, uggs, bed head (showers and blow dryers are renedered useless without power!) and don’t even bother with makeup! I don’t even put in my contacts…Needless to say I look horrible, but so does everyone else.

  • Talia

    Haha I’m not even attempting make up for the next couple days xD