Fare Thee Well, Ladies

Emerald is leaving Gurl.com. Some of you will definitely be stoked to hear that. (I am not one to kid myself.) I’ve been an intern at Gurl.com since January. Working with the editors (Mel, Julie, Jess and Danielle) has been a transformative experience. I crawled out of my chrysalis into a slightly less awkward butterfly.

I was able to write about all kinds of things, from the infamous boob scarf, to LGBT issues, to race, to women’s rights, to offering you all the best worst advice in The Lazy Girl’s Guides. I know that some of you have found my opinions alienating. I am not afraid to take stances on hot topics. I am pro-choice, I believe same-sex marriage should be legalized, I encourage feminism and am highly critical of celebrities that you may admire.

It may not be so obvious but whatever opinions we have, no matter how similar or different, just goes to show how much the Gurl.com community is a community. And you ladies who get outraged by some of the things we say on Gurl.com, we’re just peas in a pod. You may not see it, but oh, we are. Regardless of what political side, we’re a bunch of feisty, young women who refuse to be told what to believe in. I get pissed when I hear one thing. You get pissed when you hear another. We shake our fist. We articulate our arguments. We’ll go down guns blazing for anything we believe is right and true. How can we really be so different?

If there is anything I have learned from Gurl.com it is that women refuse to be weak. That there is a fight and fury within each of us that will see things through, that will make us masters of our own destiny, and that will prevail beyond any adversity.

Each day I’d come in and start my day reading about yours. Your experiences, ideas, opinions, troubles and victories. I tell you, the things you girls go through, eating disorders, depression, assault, bullying, heartbreak, general school drama B.S. and the fact that you choose to come here and vent, rant, and support each other is absolutely brilliant. You’re all so absolutely brilliant and empowered, even if you may not want to call yourselves feminists. (Not yet, hehe.)

I loved every single voice on this site, each writer and every commenter. We may not always agree, we may fight sometimes, we may roll our eyes so far back in our heads that we can see our brains, but that doesn’t mean we’re not family.

For now, I am off to start a new chapter as an editor at CollegeCandy.com. It’s my first job, which is totally exciting and terrifying. It’s a bittersweet ending to a really fun story. I am eternally grateful to the editors, writers, and readers of Gurl.com. Without a doubt, you’ve all made me a better person.


Your cranky sister,


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  • alice_doll


  • apoeticone

    Emerald! NO!
    I was always able to look at a post and know it was you. Your tone was always so unique and I always tried to guess, and say to myself, “That’s Emerald. I know it”.
    Most of the time, I was right.
    Good luck. :'(
    I enjoyed many of your witty posts.

  • Nia

    I DIDN’T APPRECIATE YOU WHILE YOU WERE HERE! Thanks to you I now feel like I can call myself, dare I say it, a..feminist. I know it’s not all about not shaving my legs and burning my bras, but advocating for equal treatment of women everywhere! You’re doing good things, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Good luck at CollegeCandy! As a college sophomore myself, I now have reason to visit another website. You will be missed <3

  • Talia

    I WAS TEXTING MY FRIEND EMILY WHEN I WROTE THAT AND GOT CONFUSED. Sorry Emerald xD Apparently I can’t multitask?

  • Nia

    No, you can’t go. We won’t let you.

  • Allison

    Omg! Why Emerald, why?!?!?!?!???!!!!!!!?!?!? I love you soo much and I wish you wouldn’t leave. Honestly, you were my favorite writer on the site and I’m really gonna miss seeing your thoughts feelings and opinions on my computer screen all the time. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Talia

    Congrats to you, Emily! Collegecandy will never be the same! (Oh- And that boob scarf thing was exactly something I would’ve found, and tried to block out of my memory.)