I Can’t Believe He Said That

I’d just started seeing this guy and I thought things were on their way to getting serious, until he said this really bad line…

I kind of forget what we were talking about, but it was about some celeb’s looks. I asked if he thought she was pretty. And he responds with:

“Well, you obviously know I’m not that into appearances.”

Obviously? Me? What? I guess not being superficial is a good thing, but did that mean that he didn’t think I was attractive?

I tried to talk to him about it, but he kept saying, “You know what I mean.” I didn’t at all. Eventually, we broke up. It wasn’t because of this conversation, really. But, I never really got over it.

Ever had one little bad line kind of ruin your relationship? Are you always attracted to the person you’re dating? Tell me in the comments!


How To Deal With Getting Dumped

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  • Middy

    Well I was dating this guy last year, and he actually said ‘You’re pretty but please grow your boobs more’ . I know I’m small chested, but that was really offensive. 😡

  • Payton

    He said i was brown and skinny…. like a cockroach…..

  • Kayla

    I was cuddleing with this really hot guy and he was feeling my tummy, I was kinda imbarresed but I’m not fat at all… I was like noo I’m chubby and laughed, then he said “that’s ok I like my girls big.” …. Kill me :/

  • Becky

    Well … I don’t understand him so good , because he sometimes flirt with me but another day he say something what could offended me … I don’t know if he do it for offending me or not 😕

  • randompanda3950

    after he stood me up twice……..”i didn’t know i was being selfish” i mean seriously dude!!!!

  • Estee

    When my boyfriend recounts all the “hot” girls who wanted to date him and then tells me he isn’t into pretty girls. And then tries to make me feel better by saying he chose me.

  • Danielle

    “I like you even if you do have mosquito bites”

  • dancelove

    Guys ares mean and will always try to be nice but their nothing but dommies

  • Jaryn

    Honestly, I don’t really see what’s so bad about that line. He could have worded it a bit more politely or something but it’s not really bad. I wouldn’t have been offended.