15 Sexist Vintage Ads That Are Totally Yuck

These sexist vintage ads are horrific evidence of how crappy society used to treat women. Each advertisement is an instruction manual for a woman to know her place. They clearly lay out a girl’s priorities: cook, clean, satisfy your husbands desires, play dumb, look pretty and remember men are just generally better. This wasn’t all that long ago and with the lack of subtly it isn’t surprising there is so much work to be done in terms of equal treatment and respect. While looking at these ads, I urge you think about the ads you see today. Are the messages any different? Are kitchen appliances still marketed to only women? Is the color pink? Are women made into sexual objects? Are youth and beauty glamorized? The ads may be more subtle but the messages may remain the same.

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  • misty

    Well the tampax tampon ad that asks if u will still be a virgin if u use them was not being sexist. This ad was put out because a lot of women at that time and some still today believe that if u use tampons u will lose ur virginity because it requires that u have to insert the tampon into ur vagina. Now most intelligent people know that inserting a tampon is not going to cause any “deflowering” so to speak. But nevertheless their will always be some who believe that..

    • RealOnigokko

      Hymens are incredibly easy to damage, you can rip it from things like ballet (where you train to spread your legs apart really far) or from something like riding a horse where of course you have to straddle a large animal. Some women are in fact born without a hymen. It’s a dubious way to measure virginity regardless.

  • Jillian

    Lysol. In your vagina. Really?

  • lgilbo

    I’m pretty sure that the author made it clear that the ads were old when they titled it “Sexist Vintage Ads”. These ads are absolutely sexist and borderline degrading to women, and to say that it is only an advertisement is scary because the media tends to reflect and shape the social rules and norms in society. Clearly ads are not this blatantly sexist today, but there is still a huge media market in the objectification and demoralization of women. Sexism is not anything that has to do with women, it is the notion of making women inferior simply because they are women (which plenty of these old ads do.). I believe the author was just demonstrating sexist ideologies from our past, rather then suggesting that these are the same views we possess today.

    • Tara Shaw

      Ya except in Islamic type countries!!

  • Taylor

    Seriously. Let’s just define sexism as anything that talks about females. This seems to be the correct definition as per the author of this.

  • Sara Rabet

    A lot of these aren’t sexist at all, and it kind of takes away the merit of the ones that actually are. For example, the women’s deodorant. What the heck is wrong with that? And the clothing ad, among many others aren’t remotely sexist, unless women wearing clothes is somehow offensive to you.

    • Lindsay

      …the women’s deodorant ad was for a vaginal douche suggesting that women should use a Lysol disinfectant (used for housecleaning) to get rid of the smell of their menstruation. So, there is something wrong with suggesting that a woman should use a cleaning product to stop smelling.

      • Larah

        The douche also doubled as a birth control, the ad was probably actually for that but anyway. It doesn’t matter if they’re selling something bad for women or that it has anything to do with menstruation, that doesn’t make it sexist. Actually, many of these aren’t sexist in the slightest. Some are, some are horribly sexist.

  • Anonymous

    I think they are right on the nose. Women are inferior.

  • ananymous

    Only some of these are kinda sexist, a lot actually aren’t sexist at all

  • NerdyChick

    Notice how most of these are old. Get over it! People are much less sexist now and if they are they’re most likely joking! -_-

    • Abby

      So, like, um, did you not READ the introduction? Or the title? Cause those are kind of important.

    • Tara Shaw

      Wow, i see ignorance is not vintage tho!! Why dont you think before you comment, you sound like an idiot!!

  • NerdyChick

    Notice how most of these are old. Get over it! People are much less sexist now and if they are they’re most likely joking! -_-‘

    • RealOnigokko

      Uh nobody said they had any reflection on current society, it VERY clearly says VINTAGE ADS…….

  • jim

    This is how every women should be,men are there owners! America started going down hill ever since we we gave them rights! i hope Romney takes away all womens rights so America can get back on track again!

    • You idiot


    • RealOnigokko

      You don’t know how to troll my friend. Come back later.

  • Gabriel Fournier

    I think it’s important to realize that these are advertisements. In other words, these are a combination of words and pictures that are aimed at a certain target market. It is not safe to assume that this is how society treated women. It is true that women were treated as being lesser, however these examples overemphasize what was likely the true opinion of the American society. Basically, this is taking extreme views and applying them as the “view of society”, which is just wrong.

    • RealOnigokko

      I’m in the marketing industry and I can tell you that advertisement DOES reflect the views of society at that time, because the entire point of a successful marketing campaign is to create content that appeals to the masses. There are key terms you use and there is relevant content you have to develop. These ads are from companies like Tampax and Lysol….companies that are still around today and thriving. So we can assume these were considered successful campaigns. In other words, the only reason these ads use these disrespectful statements is because they were generated to reflect that period’s disrespectful way of thinking.

  • Ilaff@u

    Makes me laugh every time.

  • Anonymous

    Seems legit to me.

  • Emil Stjernberg

    I actually think that women that work hard are more attractive. Not the shores, but just in general.

  • USN_SailorMoon

    Lysol should have made a second deodorant for men with stanky sack syndrome. -_-