No Sex For Douchebag Guys!

Douchebag guys are douchebags because you let them get away with it! | Source: ShutterStock

Douchebag guys are everywhere. And that’s unfortunate. But you know what? We ladies may be partially at fault for it–which is exactly why we need to band together to stop the douchebaggery from spreading.

Douchebag guys exist because, well, they’re terrible, but also because we let them. Especially if they’re good looking–we make excuses for them. We tell ourselves and our pals that maybe they’re just misunderstood, or that he’s usually really cool but has his moods. So when he acts like a complete jackass (think deliberately leading you on, insulting you, cheating, being rude to your friends), we fall for it–because we’ve told ourselves and others so many times that he’s different that we actually start to believe it.

Here’s the thing, though. Everyone has their moments, we get that. No one is perfect all the time. But if a guy is so consistently douche-y that your girlfriends and family take notice, you need to cut him off, or at least not sleep with him. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it as a service to the rest of us. Why?

Because douchebag guys can only be that way if we allow it. Guys act like douchebags because it works. If a guy acts like a douchebag and you keep having sex with him, guess what? He has little to no incentive to not act like a douchebag. And if genuinely good guys see girls hanging out just with douchebags, guess what they’re going to do? Even if they don’t begin acting like douchebags themselves, they may well turn out to be bitter, unhappy, and a lot less likely to approach you or to put work into a good relationship. And then guess what you’re stuck with?

That’s right. Douchebags. Break the cycle. Break up with a douchebag. Because you deserve better–and so do the rest of us!

Have you ever dated a douchebag? Do your friends tend to date douchebag guys? How can you tell douchebag guys from good guys? Tell us in the comments!

Don’t be fooled: Sometimes douchebags are disguised as “nice guys!”

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  • Joshua

    Have sex with me!

    • Morgana5953

      See ^, this is the person referred to in the article. AVOID ^.