Word Of The Day: “Tupperware” (Hint: It’s About Boys)

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Today’s word of the day isn’t what you think it is at all. When you hear Tupperware, you probably think of those plastic containers with matching lids that your mom and grandma have stacked in their cupboards to put leftovers and other stuff in. But that’s so not what I’m talking about at all.

Before I can tell you the true meaning of this word, ladies, I have to take you on a little walk down my own personal romantic history lane. Several years ago, I dated this guy who was really attractive. Thing is, he had very little else going for him, and he was super high maintenance in an insane way. Like, way more than I could ever be. Here’s an example: We were invited over to a friend’s house for dinner, which was really exciting, because um, HELLO friends and free delicious food cooked just for us? Yes and yes! My boyfriend and I were both vegetarian, but our friend who was cooking knew this and said he’d make a vegetarian dinner. Super.

Except NOT so super, because my boyfriend insisted on bringing his own food. Seriously. He brought his own dinner in a Tupperware to someone else’s house when they were cooking us a special meal. When I asked about the Tupperware, he insisted that we “couldn’t trust” that the food would really be vegetarian (WTF?!) and that he just liked to be self-sufficient. More like self-stupid!

He and I broke up shortly after, but my friends and I still refer to him and any other super high-maintenance weirdos as “Tupperware.” So like, if my friends and I are planning a big group trip to the movies, and one of my girls’ boyfriends is like, “Oh, I don’t want to go to that theater because blahblahblah, let’s go to this one because blahblahblah,” and it’s obviously for no reason other than he’s cray? He’s a Tupperware. And you know what’s in a Tupperware, ladies? That’s right. Usually old food that you don’t want anymore.

If you ever realize that you’re dating a Tupperware, run away. Fast.

What do you call high-maintenance dudes who drive everybody crazy? Have you ever dated a Tupperware? Tell me in the comments!

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