Krispy Kreme Taught Me How To Work It Over The Weekend

It all started when my friend Amy came with me to my boyfriend’s house to drop off some cookies. We were sitting around, debating the best way to “make it rain” (like as in how to throw dollar bills all around in a fancy way like rappers do in their videos), when my boyfriend decided to do a Google search for “effective way to make it rain.” (Yes, we’re really that cool–and by cool, I mean immensely dorky.)

We were sure we’d get a video tutorial on money throwing, but we got something way way better than that. A music video for a song called “Girl Work It” by some guy called Krispy Kreme came up and changed our lives forever. You might already be familiar with the awkward awesomeness that is Krispy Kreme. He’s been on Tosh.0 and has millions of views on his music videos–but we’d never seen him before and were mesmerized.

Check Krispy Kreme and his buddy Money Maker Mike in the Girl Work It video here:

“I’m about to make it rain, ‘cuz you’re drivin me insaaaane!” I can’t. I just can’t. It’s too brilliant. The way he jumps over the bench as if it’s an Olympic feat? And that accent? Holy cow.

Clearly, I learned a lot this weekend, but I still haven’t learned how to actually “make it rain.” If you know how, or if you’re just a big Krispy Kreme fan, shout out in the comments!

And You Thought We Were Talking About Donuts!

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  • Laura

    Oh my gosh, Krispy Kreme!! He was hilarious on tosh.0. So glad I found this hahaha

  • Amy Kaufman

    Whether you love Krispy or love to laugh at him, do NOT miss the video for his Halloween song…IT IS BEYOND EPIC.