Reader Hookup Confession: I Queefed At The Worst Time

I queefed

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If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

One time my boyfriend and I were hooking up and we were having a good go at it. I usually hate going on top because I think I’m terrible at that position, but sex is a give and take two-way street. So, I went on top.

I stretched my body out so that I didn’t have any rolls and so that I would look really cute, when all of the sudden… I let out a major queef. It was the first time it had ever happened to me, so I immediately stopped what I was doing and just started crying. I rolled over in hysterics while my boyfriend tried to calm me down. He told me it was totally normal and that it happens all the time and tried explaining what it was. None the less, I still felt dumb for that moment.

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  • mary

    Its ok sweaty me and my boyfriend wete doing 69 and i queefed in his face he tought i had tooken a fart but then i explained that it was because the air that goes in while doing intercourse

  • Ninalinda

    your not alone it happened to me too only it was after I got out of a position embarrassing! lol

  • embarresed

    I was with my boyfriend and he was going down on me and I queefed then I was so embarresed I didn’t even want to look at him

  • Britt

    Me and this guy Ive been talking to JUST decided to have sex last night for the first time. I was doing good, it was great. I really wanted to impress him, so I was pulling out all these tricks, and trying to look sexy, ya as soon as we started going really hard, my legs were on his shoulders, I had the loudest queef imaginable. Like it hurt thats how loud it was. I instantly covered my face, I almost cried to but I was laughing alittle. It was pretty funny looking back on it, at the moment it definitely wasnt though lol he comforted me after we laughed for like a minute. He told me every woman does it at some point or another so it made me feel alittle better. Im still so embarrassed to be honest but seeing how many other people go through the embarrassment, it makes me see that Im not the only one haha

  • Yeah..

    Yeah, I cried when it happened to me the first time because I was always told by the boys at my school that it was disgusting. So I felt a little disgusting, ya know? I still get super embarrassed by it. It just bothers me because of how the boys at my school were, and how I was told it would be so I feel really “un-sexy”. But my fiance’ is totally caring and he comforts me and tells me things to cheer me up, it doesn’t bother him when I do, he thinks it’s silly.

  • Jazzyboo

    So funny!

  • Jazzyboo

    Happened to me too! But good to know im totally normal and it happens to alot of yall! LOL i cant stop laughing reading some of these comments…

  • Haha

    Haha this totally happened to me too!! My boyfriend and I were spooning and then when he tried to go on top it just happened so loud that he stopped right away and looked and me surprised and asked if I just farted!!! I didn’t know what t was so I yelled no!!! Did you!! And then it happened again!! It totally killed the mood but we just laughed about it and went on with our day 🙂

  • Anne

    I was on top n i queefed sooo loud i wanted to cry too! I leaned over on hi chest in embarrasment and my bf just kept going and kind of giggled.. A little while later my cell phone rang and I sat up to answer it and did it again, looked down and said “thats nasty!” and i wasnt so embarresed anymore(:

  • Emily

    Haha one time when i bf was fingering me that happened we just laughed and he kept going after that. Than again we laugh over a lot of stuff. We are a very weird couple, but my friends say we are the cutest couple and we look perfect together haha. We just make the best of it and when embarrassing stuff happens we laugh it off or fix it some how.

  • Oh Myyy

    I just died laughing when I read that you started crying! It’s happened to me too — when on top (I hate it too, but hey, it’s give and take) — we always laugh now, but the first time it freaked me out.

  • Jackie

    I think its funnier that you cried because you queefed. The first time that happened to me we just laughed our heads off, but that might have been that we were so close.

  • Sasha Fierce

    This happened to me the first time I had sex. It was so awkward and I couldn’t even believe it happened. I was like “eeeewww!!” and I started dying of laughter. My boyfriend laughed too, and then we just continued. I thought about it later on and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • leyla

    i queefed like non stop when i lost my virginity xD I was so confused because i didn’t know what that was at the time, and i just kept laughing uncontrollably and asking wtf was going on! the guy just layed there like 0.0

  • Aphrodite

    I’ve queefed so many times during sex that its ridiculous. I just giggle and give him Doe eyes, and then keep going at it.

  • Meredith

    Why would you cry…?

  • Ohh Lala

    Happened to me once, we were switching positions from missionary to me being on top ( I hate it too) so when I was positioning myself I queefed and my err ladyjuices dripped all over him ( testicles included) it was so awkward so I just laughed and my boyfriend found it hilarious though.