5 Sandys I’d Rather Meet Than Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is definitely on her way to New York City (and most of the east coast!), and I have to say that despite her cute name, Hurricane Sandy doesn’t seem like she’s going to be that much fun to hang out with. Already, three friends’ flights have been canceled, I’ve had to stand in a crazy 45 minute line at the supermarket to buy food in case I get stuck inside, and I’ve just been told that it’s very likely we’ll lose power in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I can survive without many things . . . but power?! No Netflix or internet at all?! This is not going to be a party.

Seriously, I think there’s been a mix up. There are plenty of other Sandys I’d rather hang out–the universe just sent me the wrong one. So, dear weather Gods, if you’re out there (and if you exist), please return Hurricane Sandy from whence she came and send one of these other, far more appropriate Sandys my way. Thanks loads.

Sandy Cheeks

She’s a squirrel who lives underwater with Spongebob Squarepants . . . and she knows karate. Amazing.
Sandy Cohen
I like Sandy Cohen better than Hurricane Sandy

Source: WENN.com

Remember Sandy? Seth’s dad on the O.C.? The one who always make Chrismukkah happen? Good Gawd I love that man.
Sandy from Grease
Sandy is not Hurricane Sandy

Source: WENN.com

I’d love to spend a day with Sandy, learn her dance moves, and maybe get a singing lesson in there, too. So fun!
Sandy the Dog
Sandy from Annie

Source: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

A mutt who’ll love you until the ends of the world? My kind of animal all the way.
Sandy Duncan

Not only did Sandy Duncan used to play Peter Pan on Broadway, but she was in a show with Jason Bateman way before he did Arrested Development. Love it!

Are you affected by Hurricane Sandy? Do you know anybody named Sandy? Which Sandy would you want to hang out with most? Tell us in the comments!

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  • dommie05

    I miss u NYC were tough as nails we will pull through this like champs, we can handle a loss of power I hope sandy says by soon.

  • Sarah

    Lol i agree i don’t want to lose power