From The Message Boards: Does Wearing Revealing Clothes Make You “Slutty”?

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With Halloween right around the corner (because with Halloween comes many, many skimpy costumes), I decided that this message board post was the perfect topic of discussion. One girl wonders if wearing revealing clothing makes you seem easy to guys. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the question, and I know it won’t be the last. So let’s chat about it!

Do you think wearing revealing clothing makes you seem “easy” or “slutty”? Do you think guys think that? I say, girls should be able to dress however they want without having to worry about what a dude, or anyone else, thinks… but I know that’s not always the case. Read what these ladies had to say about it and then tell us your opinion:

mickey5499 said:
My whole life, I’ve been pretty well-endowed in the chest area, and I’ve always “out-boobed” (yes, out-boobed) my friends, and a lot of people in my school. And pretty often, actually basically all the time, the clothes I wear are revealing, as in they go down pretty low in the front, showing a lot of “boobage”. It’s not like I feel pressured by society to do that or anything; it makes me feel attractive and comfortable, so I usually don’t care.

But I have always had a lot of people asking me out; I guess I’m considered “hot” by a lot of guys. Which is fine by me, because even though some girls feel insulted by that, I take it as a compliment. But the thing is, sometimes I wonder whether guys want to be with me because my revealing nature makes them think I’m “easy” or something, or because of me. Do you think that if you wear clothes like that, guys take it to mean you’re “easy”? And any ways to know if a guy truly likes you for you?

skaitlin said:
I will be completely honest. Guys are wired to be visual. They see things and if they like it they go for it. So, if you are revealing a lot with your clothes, yes guys will notice, and yes they may want to pursue what they see. I am not saying that all guys are creeps or anything close to that. All I am saying is that guys are easily drawn to physical features. If you want to “weed out” the guys that only want something physical, then try to dress less revealing and see what happens. I am sure you are a lovely person inside and out. And you deserve the guy that will notice you for the person you are and your beautiful personality; and will appreciate your physical beauty.

Conservative or revealing, people will probably still talk. | Source: ShutterStock

I am one of those women that chooses to dress modestly. Some of my friends have told me that I am somewhat of a prude because I don’t show cleavage or wear mini skirts. But it is simply my decision to dress the way I do. To me, my body is something that I only want to share with the man that I marry. And my fiance is of the opinion that other guys shouldn’t be given the opportunity to see me in a purely physical/sexual way. My fiance is very respectful of me and my body because I set a standard and he respects me for it.

To each their own. How you dress is completely up to you. I am not trying to be judgemental or anything. I just want you to know that you have the choice to set a higher standard for the guys in your life. Like I said, not all guys are creeps. But all guys are visually wired. They will take notice.

and_all_that_jazz_x3 said:
Honestly, yes, there are probably a lot of guys who are asking you out because of your body and not your personality. However, I don’t see that as a reason to change how you dress. It’s unfair to assume that you are “easy” based on the size of your chest, something you cannot control and you have every right to dress how you feel most attractive. Guys, and people in general, need to stop making assumptions about people based on how they dress. If you are comfortable with how you dress then I say go for it – what you like is all that matters.

I love what both of these ladies had to say because here’s the thing: no matter what other people think or say, you should wear what you like, what makes you happy and what makes you comfortable. Unfortunately, people are going to pass judgement no matter what you wear – whether it be conservative clothing or something a little more skimpy. That’s why you should focus on wearing what you like rather than wearing what others think is appropriate.

The bottom line is that if a guy is going to judge you as “easy” just because he can check out your cleavage, he’s not a guy worth pursuing. Mature people should realize that there’s more to a person then just their appearance. So wear what you like, and don’t worry about what dudes have to say!

What do you think about revealing clothing? Do you wear it? Do you think it makes girls look “easy”? Do you agree with what we had to say? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Laurentia Celia

    well just wear what ever you want. i live in indonesia where everyone is mostly moslim and i’m from a chinese family(well as you know mostly indonesian are native people and chinese people). if i’m wearing a hot pants and a tanktop my school friends(which is mostly chinese) think that its normal and not too revealing,but sometimes when i walk around in that clothes they dont think the same as my friends cause to moslim wearing a hot pants and tanktops is so revealing(i’m not bad mouthing moslim here). and some of them think that i’m hot and talking behind me and i dont like it. so the point is,what makes you a slut is when you are wearing revealing clothes to impressed men. for me i like to wear revealing clothes because my country is so hot and im so sensitive of heat so to reduce the hotness i like to wear revealing clothes. but i dont wear it to impresses men,i only use it because i want to. and dont you think if you dress nicely you feel happy and proud of yourself? so whats wrong for wearing revealing clothes?:)

  • Maya s

    The thing that really bothers me about all this is it’s always about “what will people think?” or even more so, “what will guys think?” No one should be concerned about what someone else thinks about your appearance. If something makes you feel good, wear it. If people think you’re “slutty” or “whore-ish” that’s their problem. It’s upsetting that girls are automatically thought of as people with no self respect if they expose their bodies. Why in the world should showing my body be shameful? We all have bodies and we all know what a women’s body looks like, why is this an issue? A woman’s body should be able to be shown without being sexualized. It is absolutely ridiculous. Guys need to realize that not everything is about them. A girl wants to wear something that shows her legs or her chest? Okay! It’s her body, you don’t need to treat her like an object, because it is literally just what she wants to wear. Chill guys, it’s really not about you, it’s just what we want. You don’t go up to a guy wearing no shirt at a pool and tell him he’s a whore, so why do that with a girl at that pool in a bikini?

  • AccidentalFate

    I was raised to love my body and to dress however I felt most comfortable (by my mom, my dad took a more conservative approach with my sister and I) and as such I now wear what I want when I want and to hell with what opinions others may draw about me based on that. Sometimes dressing in what makes me feel comfortable includes a tanktop that could pose as a second skin and leaves little to the imagination and a flouncy skirt that may show just a bit too much leg and sometimes it means one of my dad’s old baggy t-shirts over a pair of leggings and everything in between. I feel beautiful either way depending on the day and what others may think of me is of little matter. It’s my life and my body, I’ll live and dress as I please.

  • Ell

    I don’t really wear revealing clothing (in my opinion) around the chest area, but I do tend to wear clothes like short skirts and short-shorts. I usually wear skin coloured opaque tights (I made the transition from leggings a few months ago) and long socks, so a lot of the time people don’t realise I’m wearing tights. The only time I don’t wear opaque tights is at school (because I’d feel uncomfortable wearing them there… and when you’re sitting down for long periods of time then leggings just are naturally more comfortable, in more than one way). Sometimes I do feel a little self concious about it, but most people who mention it just say things like, “Aren’t you cold?” or “It’s winter… you do know that, right?”
    I’ll admit that the reason I’ve moved into this style is because I am into a lot of Japanese fashion (especially Harajuku) and to them short skirts and shorts aren’t seen in the same way as they are seen where I live (Scotland btw) and is seen as normal, as long as there aren’t any “panty shots”, but to the Japanese the chest area is HIGHLY sexualised (is that word? I’m sure you get what I mean) and a low neck-line isn’t looked upon very highly.
    Unfortunately for me though, I’m not as skinny as most Japanese girls wearing these outfits so I try not to compare myself to them (although sometimes it IS difficult, especially when it’s something like a cosplay that I’ve seen many people attempt before). I am a little touchy about the size of my chest. It isn’t huuuuuge, but it definately isn’t tiny and I don’t like showing off too much (and I would never wear something like the thumbnail picture). Long story short, I just think you don’t need to wear outfits like that, but if it is your style and you’re wearing it for the right reasons then I don’t see why you shouldn’t (unless you are offending anyone that shoudln’t be or isn’t easily offended).

    Sorry for my rant-type-thing!
    I know most of you won’t be interested!

    • sameer

      i wanna know onething ,that girls often wear small cloths and majority of times want to showoff there bouncing t*ts(not every girl though),there well shaped butts,,,, and there dresses are just manufactured to expose there bodyparts(which makes man lusty,and horny)and on the other hand men’s clothes are designed to cover there whole body parts,,,why,why,why???? i want answer

  • TooTraditionjal

    I’m a guy and I honestly find revealing clothing stupid. Girls always dress that way and then complain when they get a jerk for a boyfriend. Well guess what, if you dressed properly and actually acted like a lady you would more than likely get the man that you need. I am not into the idea of showing yourself off to the whole world. Some things are better left unseen until you are with the person you love.

    • sameer

      yeah!!!!!! girls think that wearing small,revealing clothes makes guys attracts to them.Yes it’s true ,,guyzz just got lusty,and pretend an image of loose character of that lady.If ladies wear good and sensible clothes then most of the boys out there would rather develop respect for that girl.And majority of them want to date her also,,,just for being so nice.

  • No one

    My motto is you can dress like a slut as long as you don’t act like one.:3

  • Goobepayove

    first of all i need to would say g’day to all of you

    i need to speak g’day to every individual

  • Cammi

    I wear revealing clothes and Im curvy. I do recieve comments sometimes but I really dont give a firetruck. If they want to look, let them look. It would however be awkward if they come up to me saying “Heeey Cammi nice boobs!”. But they dont do that. Really people these things are a blessing! I hide them when I want and show them when I want.

  • Gogou

    I am a man.I except that women should wear what dress they are comfortable at the same time i disagree that just because they show off cleavage or wear sexy outfits or short skirts does not mean they are easy.But i do believe that women who does not dress properly were a bit of loose character and a bit slutty.

    • Lelia

      Why are boys on this website!!!

  • CerebralComa

    I don’t think the real problem is with what women* wear, but rather, how society treats what they wear. Female* breasts are oversexualized by society. If a man* decides to go shirtless, it’s no big deal. But if a woman* decides to go shirtless, it’s immediately seen as a sexual thing. For the most part, male* and female* breasts have the same anatomy. The fact that women* have to cover the breasts in order to not be sexualized is patriarchal.

  • Flip

    As long as it’s not in school it’s fine with me. You just look skanky and it will just put male teachers up to the test.

  • Gabbers

    No, it doesn’t. If you were running around with no shirt on, then that’s a different story.
    But if you’re comfortable and you’ve got it, well, flaunt it!

  • Maddilynn

    I don’t think that makes you “easy”. I am a 38DD and have been since about 5th grade. It is really hard for me to find shirts that fit and are not revealing that aren’t turtlenecks or button ups! If you have a smaller chest you wouldn’t understand! It’s difficult to find shirts that are made for females with larger boobs that don’t look old lady-ish! The shirts are made for a ruler shaped body with 30AAA, 30 inch hip, 28 inch waist, 6’3″ shape! Not my hourglass shaped body with a 38DD, a 41 inch hip , 28 inch waist, 5’4″ figure!

    Xoxo M

    • Jugs

      If you have a 28-inch waist, there is no way in hell your bra size should be 38DD. The number refers to the measurement around your ribcage. Try using a 28 or maybe 30 band. If your old bra cups still fit your boobs, that would work out to be about 28I (US) or 28GG (UK). (I’d go for UK sizing anyway because that’s where you’re most likely to find 28 and 30 bra bands).

      • ICanMakeYouSmile

        Her WAIST, not her rib cage. Your waist is about where your belly button is, and your rib cage can be much bigger than your waist, I have a very pear like figure, with big hips but a small waist, like 28-inch, but I wear a 38C (possibly going on D) because I have a big rib cage.

  • Elizabeth

    I have bigger boobs than every girls in my school. I feel really insecure about it. I wear “certain” clothes to not show them. I wear so many sweatshirts and loose shirts.