Your Complete Guide To Getting Dumped Gracefully

There are very few things that suck more than getting dumped. But did you know there’s a difference between getting dumped desperately and getting dumped gracefully? It’s true. Even if you were rejected and feel like the most undesirable person ever right now, you can come out of this smelling like a rose (and looking even better than one, too).

Read on, sad girlfriend, and we’ll take you from disaster to a whole lot better.

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  • Lily

    Yesterday I told my boyfriend I have been suffering with depression. He then said that he didn’t want to be with me anymore. I didn’t want him to be pressured by it but I thought he should know because it’s a part of who I am. My birthday is in 4 day and I’m crazy pms! He couldn’t have picked a worse time. I miss him so much

  • shaph

    my boyfriend dumped me yesterday for useless reason,he was acting strange in previous several days because he was not calling me,texting me and yesterday i asked him if he still loves me and he said ‘ yeah i still loves you but i cant be with you aanymore’ and he said he dumping me because he have personal problems to deal with and i beg him until i got tired and i tried to call his sister but he refused and say he didnt dump me

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  • Nicole

    All good advice. Was due to get married and unfortunately at a similar time a family member passed. His way of grieving was to not have anything that meant something to him close in fear he’d lose them too. So he went on a self destructive path and singlehandedly destroyed our engagement.
    I still love him dearly but from experience the only thing that had a positive impact on my situation was to be well. Being happy, busy and not a sad sorry mess (which trust me I did spend a lot of time doing) seemed to help and even made him contact me more- which fed my self esteem and made it easier to move on. Because we all know that it’s easier to push someone away when they are chasing you. So it’s a catch 22. When I was upset, he’s draw away and then I’d feel rejected and try persue him more which didn’t help. So stay strong and remember the better you look and the better the aura you provide the more you will draw the right people in. Best advice I’ve been given: if someone doesn’t come after you when you walk away… Keep walking.

  • Kaysee

    This is actually pretty helpful. My boyfriend, who ive been dating for just over two weeks, said we were “better off as friends”, but then said he’ll be back at school next year. Does this mean he wants to maybe try again, what do you think??

    • McKenna

      He is a boy boys are just trying to say that they are going to be back next year so then you guys can still be friends then he isn’t even thinking that far into the future about his relationships hon. He is only thinking into the future far enough as lunch.

  • Erin

    Whoa wait a minute… this article actually had some good advice in it… nice and straightforward. Thanks

  • deanna owens

    get an explanation

  • daisha

    I like this guy and I am scared because if I ask him out that he might reject me but I don’t think he wants to hurt me.

    • deanna owens

      go for it gurl, he can only say no