Free Cake Pops For Everyone!

free cake pops can brighten anyone's day

Just looking at these is making me smile! | Source: Shutterstock

I’m having one of those days. A day where I was almost late this morning because I tore holes in three pairs of tights while getting dressed. A day where I got on the stinky subway car by accident and couldn’t get off for five stops. A day where I immediately spilled yogurt on my favorite skirt. I would like this day to change–in fact, I need this day to change.

I’ve been poking around online trying to figure out exactly what I can do to make my day a bit sunnier (taking the day off and hitting Spa World isn’t exactly an option, sadly), and I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect solution. Cake pops! For you! Seriously, cake pops for all of you! Free cake pops all around!

If I had a bunch of extra cash right now (which I don’t, because um, maybe I spent it all on new tights to replace the ones I’ve ruined!), I’d buy all of you guys a big bunch of cake pops. “Why?” you ask? Well, here’s the thing: Studies have proven that people who spend their money on other people are actually happier than people who spend it on themselves. So me doing something nice for other people will make me happier theoretically than me doing something nice for myself. And you know what I say to that? Cake pops for everyone!

Well, cake pops for everyone once I get some cash back in my wallet again!

Have you ever cheered yourself up by doing something nice for someone else? Are you as obsessed with cake pops as I am? Would you turn down free cake pops? Tell me in the comments!

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  • cece jones

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!cake pops ilove cake pops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alice_doll

    I don’t even know what cake pops are.

  • KekeRenea

    no! if you give me a cake pop i will gladly take it 😀

  • sarah

    i love cake pops!!!!!

  • Mari

    I like to giveaway old stuff I dont use, but are still in good condition, to poor people. Does that count?