Need A Little Inspiration? This Girl’s Gonna Give It To You!

When 18-year-old Patience Beard was less than one year old, she had to have one of her legs partially amputated. Often when I hear a story that begins the way that Patience’s did, I get sad and think about how hard that must have been for her–all the opportunities that might be lost to her. All the hopes that might be shattered.

But Patience was born with a hell of a lot of spirit and determination, and this year, her freshman year at the University of Arkansas, it paid off when she was made part of the varsity cheer squad!

How can a girl with only one and a half legs be a varsity level cheerleader, you ask? Just watch Patience. She’s amazing–and it’s clear that she wasn’t given special treatment to be part of the squad–she’s earned every minute of it.

Check out her moves here:

Inspired yet? What do you think about Patience Beard? Do you know anyone who’s overcome something super difficult? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Marney

    I’ve never found these inspirational per se, but I find it amazing and meaningful.