Ellen Rips Stupid, Sexist Bic For Her Pens

ellen degeneres bic for her pens

They had no idea what they were in for. | Source: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Remember those stupid, insulting “Bic for Her” pens that came out a while back? Right. Of course you do, because FINALLY there was a pen that you understood how to use! (I kid. I kid.) Well, it turns out that the people who make Bic for Her pens decided they needed a famous spokesperson, someone who could turn all of this negative publicity into super positive publicity–finally convincing us lady folk that we need our own sexist writing instruments.

The people at Bic may not know women well enough to understand that we don’t need our pens to be pink and gendered, but they do understand us well enough to know that we really do listen to and respect Ellen DeGeneres. She’s smart, she’s funny, and yeah–if she says something’s cool, it probably is. So, good one, guys for going after Ellen as your spokesperson. Where Bic failed was in realizing that Ellen, a big believer in equality and girl power, would never ever get behind such a crap product . . . unless she could get behind it and kick it in the shins, which is precisely what she did on her show.

Watch the video here. It’s seriously amazing how much shade she throws on Bic for Her pens:

Do you think Ellen did the right thing by refusing to represent Bic for Her pens? Do you think Bic for Her Pens are sexist? Are you able to use a regular old pen that men use, or is that simply too hard for you? Tell us in the comments!

Here’s Just One Way We Can Fight Sexism

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  • Ann

    Apparently Ellen has also forgotten that we women know about something called science: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080408154901AALIdf5

  • Donna

    C’mon it is a pen not a sexist comment at all! All you gems out there should find a greater equality issue than a pen! I for one am so pleased that something was made especially for us and guys won’t use it! How many pens out there made especially for the male chavanist??? Nearly every one! Get over yourselves girlfriends and celebrate the pink! Surely there has to be something of greater bashing significance to bash! Go ahead and write purple express yourself!

  • B.DiDDi

    This absolutely cracked me up! I love Ellen, she’s so smart and funny

  • Shannon

    I honestly don’t think they’re sexist, they make makeup specifically for guys, too! its just a scheme to sell more products.