Pizza Prints Make Pizza The New Cake

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth get ready to be super excited. Pizza Prints are pizza tattoos. You know how birthday cakes have awesome designs printed on them? Now you can do the same with pizza!

All you have to do is slap your Pizza Print onto the pie and let it melt into the cheese after a couple of minutes. They’re totally edible and fun. These seem great if you want to give someone something a little special without burning a hole in your wallet or if the occasion isn’t such a big deal. If someone is having a bad day–BOOM–pizza print! You can even have custom images made. I would take a picture of my butt and put it on a pizza so that all my friends are eating my butt. I’m a genius, BTW. Check some of the designs out below and grab some here.

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  • briana

    OMG these look so cool! I want one with Channing Tatum’s face because he’s so hot i could just eat him up!