How To Be Best Friends With Hermione (Go To Brown University!)

emma watson is returning to brown university

Wanna meet her? We know where you can. | Source: Lia Toby/

I know, I know: Hermione is one of the coolest fictional characters ever, and Emma Watson, who played her, is one of the coolest real people ever. The thought of getting to meet Emma Watson is kind of brain-breaking, so let’s not even get started on how cool it would be to be best friends with her.

Still, if you’re dead set on bumping into Emma Watson and becoming besties with Hogwarts’ favorite girl, here are three things that might help:

1. Study Your Pants Off
And I mean REALLY study your pants off. Emma Watson just announced that she’ll be returning to her studies at Brown University in 2013. If you want to go there, too, you’ll have to get amazing grades and really know your stuff. Taking a few AP classes wouldn’t hurt, either.

2. Get Your Applications In
The deadline for Brown University early admissions applications is next week (November 1st!), so unless you’ve already gotten started, you might not have enough time to do a great job on that one. Good thing the deadline for regular admissions isn’t until January 2nd. You’ve got plenty of time, girl!

3. Don’t Brag About Knowing Her
Just . . . be cool, guys. In an interview, Emma has said that not once during her time at Brown University has anyone asked for her autograph. Even cooler? She threw a party for 100 people, and everyone respected her privacy enough to resist posting even one “look at me hanging out with a celebrity!” picture to Facebook.

Would you love to meet and be friends with Emma Watson? Do you want to go to Brown University, or are you excited about another school? Tell us in the comments!

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