Can This Workout Make You Grow Taller? Probs Not!

agrowbics won't make you grow taller

A tall hat or high heels are the only things that’ll add inches! | Source: Shutterstock

I’m short. Think really short. Think five feet tall short. There are times when I wish I could grow taller–like at the grocery store when I can’t reach my favorite cereal and have to ask some dude to help me. It’s inevitable that said dude will think I’m hitting on him and try to chat me up when really, all I wanted was my Special K with Oats and Honey. It’s awkward, and I’d never ever have to deal with this if I could only grow a few more inches.

That said, I’m super annoyed that one fitness chain in the UK is claiming that their new workout program, A-Grow-Bics–in which people do yoga, hang upside down from their ankles, and get stretched out on something that looks like a crazy Medieval torture device–can add up to two inches to someone’s height.

The thing is, unless your bones actually grow more (which um, they’re not going to after you’re around 17 or 18), you’re not going to grow taller. Plus, whatever happened to workouts being about being the best YOU? Why do I need to be taller (other than the obvious benefit in the grocery aisle)?!

Frankly, it’s insulting that this A-Grow-Bics program even exists. The fact that there’s an exercise program designed only to make you grow taller means that they’re saying tall people are better; that it’s more desirable to be long and lanky. That short people suck.

Here’s hoping other shorties are seeing through this lame scheme and that this stupid workout will go the way of the dinosaur, fast. I’d hate to think that any petite princesses out there are wasting their dollars on a nasty looking torture rack when they could be spending it on ice cream instead.

What do you think? Would you grow taller if you could? Do you think this workout might work? Tell us in the comments!

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    Do you know what annoys me? The fact that you exhibit symptoms of entitlement, ignorance, and arrogance. The human body can grow taller by *increasing interverterbral cartilage* which is NOT bone. You really need to stick to what you know.

  • N

    Sorry to tell you this but I’m actually taking this course at the minute and its working. Like a dream. I wasn’t happy with my height, guilty. The science behind it is sound, and for someone who’s massively into keeping fit, most of the exercises you do are just strength and yoga based, they’re not as dramatic as you’ve made out.

    I don’t see why trying to change your height should be such a horrendously, immoral thing. When some people have all types of operations on all parts of their body that they’re not happy with… I don’t see why someone who’s unhappy with their height shouldn’t be able to pay their OWN money to take part in a course that will help them with their confidence and introduce them to a whole new way of training that they can continue with in their gym once the course is over. I’d say next time please just have a longer think before you write anything in such a dismissive tone

    • Scott

      Hey N, I stumbled upon this article and read your comment and was wondering if two years later the height gain you experienced while doing Agrowbics had been permanent?

  • Manoj

    Before 6 months I was 5’6″. At that time I am very depressed & I told one of my friend about that. He advice me to use Growth-FlexV Pro System. Within 6 months my height increase up to 6 feet.
    I also advice you to try at least once in your life. Then proud to be taller man.

  • Growth

    I think you are wrong. Growth certainly is in bones but there are other means of becoming taller.
    First of all, each of our inter-vertebral disk in our spinal cord is connected with cartilage. This cartilage can be expanded or contracted via exercise, yoga, etc. Just notice your own height before sleeping and after waking up, you will definitely find some difference.
    Secondly, when running on concrete or any hard surface intensely for short sprints, our bones ( mostly near the knee cap and joint area ) create micro fractures. When we rest, these micro fractures heal themselves and help increase height.
    But from my research 1.5 inches is the maximum I know anyone has achieved.

    i’m just saying.

  • BaBaBam

    im five…and ten cant believe youre that short welll… i can i live with my aunt and shes five feet taller than her not that i have anything againgst short people

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  • bettylovesyou

    actually, the effort is to decompress the spine which will temporarily help. it’s like when astronauts grow because of the lack of gravity. it’s help straighten the spinal cord and relieve back pressure.

  • alisha

    i short to but at the grocery store instead of asking for some one to help i just reach as far as i can towards the cereal and most of the time someone just hands me the box and walks away

  • Rose

    Im shorter than YOU plus im in a wheelchair which makes me EVEN SHORTER, but I would never do this because it’s dumb and if it doesn’t look fun…it won’t be fun…exercise should be FUN. Well it’s fun for me…