Win an Xbox and a $500 Shopping Spree!

Video games and exercise in one! We always love that combo. And guess what? One of our favorite sites in the whole wide interweb, Crushable, is doing an awesome giveaway right now in honor of the new Dance Central 3 game release, where they’re not only giving you a free copy of the game, but also an Xbox and a $500 gift card to buy some new swag! Holy awesome giveaway, right? Enter right here.

Oh, and be sure to head to AlloyTV next week to see two of your favorite Gleeks, Jenna Ushkowitz and Vanessa Lengies go head-to-head in the ultimate dance battle. Do you think veteran Glee member, Jenna, will win the throwdown or with Vanessa the newbie take over the dance floor?

After you enter, check out some of Gurl’s awesome giveaways!

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  1. avatar paige saddler says:

    i would love to win this i would finelly have something to call my own

  2. avatar Serena says:

    I would really love love LOVE to win this. I’ve always wanted Dance Central 3 and an Xbox. PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  3. avatar lasaiah thomas says:

    i love this

  4. avatar sarah woods says:

    Grandmother still waiing for the XBOX Thanks SW//

  5. avatar Shannon Elkins says:

    My daughters would love this.

  6. avatar Amie Augustyn says:

    awesome prize

  7. avatar elizabeth shells says:

    Love to win

  8. avatar lakeeissa drakeford says:

    would be an awesome thing for me and the kids

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