This Old Interview Confirms That Ryan Gosling Needs To Be My Boyfriend

Young Ryan Gosling

How CUTE is he?! | Source: Dominic Chan/

Every time I think that there’s no possible way that I could love Ryan Gosling any more than I already do, he goes and does something that makes it possible. Or, in this case, he did something a really long time ago that’s just surfacing now, and it’s just more proof that he is the number one most amazing man ever (okay, fine, number 2 after my dad. Okay, FINE, my real life BF can be number 2. So Ryan’s third).

But seriously, you guys have to watch this. Canada AM, a CTV talk show in Canada, is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. And that means they’ve released a bunch of seriously amazing old videos – like this one of a 12-year-old Ryan Gosling being interviewed just after he landed the role as a Disney Mouseketeer.

I cannot even handle this video. Just look at adorable pre-pubescent Ryan. He’s obviously always had the ability to charm the pants off of people – and he’s also always had his signature sly smile. All of that combined with his Canadian accent is too cute for words. I want to be the girlfriend of 12-year-old Ryan… and then stay his girlfriend. Forever.

But after watching this video, I have one majorly important question: why isn’t Ryan singing and/or dancing anymore? I mean, he’s hot enough as it is when he’s pining over the love of his life or brooding somewhere mysterious. But imagine what it would be like to see grown-up Ryan shaking his perfect butt and belting out a few tunes? I’ll tell you what it would be like: amazing.

Check out the video for yourself – and make sure you watch the beginning, where you get to see him singing and dancing. Ryan, I’m sure you already know this, but you can sing “Achy Breaky Heart” to me any day, as long as you promise to wiggle your eyebrows like that.

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan? What do you think about this video – is it totally adorable? Who’s your biggest celebrity crush? Tell us in the comments!


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