Word Of The Day: Tastycake

what is tastycake? word of the day

Can you have the boy AND the cake? Maybe! | Source: Shutterstock

We all know what tasty means. It means delicious. It means scrumptious. It means “I want it in my belly.”

We all know what cake is. It’s sweet. It’s beautiful. It’s something worth celebrating over.

But what exactly is a tastycake? Ah, my friend. I think you already know, but you’ve just never heard the term before. Harry Styles is one. Ryan Gosling for sure. Drake totally fits the bill. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, tastycake is my super secret (well, not so secret anymore!) code word for cute guys.

So, if you’re at the mall with your girls and don’t want to be totally obvious, but want to tell your friends that you saw a super hot dude, you can just be like, “Hey Margo, did you see the tastycake at 6 o’clock?” Then she’ll know to casually look behind herself to see the vision that is hotness.

And if that guy (or your little brother) overhears you, he’ll still be totally clueless. I mean, you were just talking about that new cupcake shop. Duh!

Do you have a code word for cute guys? Are you going to steal the word “tastycake?” Tell me in the comments!

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