Reader Hookup Confession: I Got My Period At The Worst Time Ever

Period Stain

White dresses & periods just don’t mix |Source: ShutterStock

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

I was super excited when the hottest guy in school asked me to go to the movies with him. I spent hours getting ready. I was wearing this white mini dress and knew I looked super hot.

Everything was going great… until the middle of the movie, when I felt something warm in my vaginal area. I went to the bathroom to check it out and was horrified to see a giant red spot on the butt of my dress. I instantly started to freak because I couldn’t just ditch the guy… but I couldn’t let him see the red spot!

I grabbed a wet towel and tried to rub it off, but the spot just seemed to get bigger and even more noticeable. Finally, I walked back into the theater. Since it was dark, no one could see anything. After the movie, I told him I sat on a spilled Coke and wrapped a sweatshirt around my waist to hide the stain. But I was still worried throughout the entire ride home, because his car had light tan leather interior!

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  • fiyona_felix

    whoa! i had a kind of embarrassing experience on my first period itself. i was going to my tuition and just went to the washroom before leaving. i noticed the stain and quickly put a pad and went. all through the class everything went well. after that, me and my BF were going home and he asked me, why, fiyona, that wrapper looks rather odd….i just hadn’t realized that i had placed the pad wrapper in my bag!!!!!!yuck….but he soon found it out and i joined him in the laughter.

  • terriblynaive

    I thought I had finished my period. This was when I first started them and they were unreliable. I was making out with my bf and he wanted to go down on me. We were in his car in a remote location because if anyone knew what we were doing he could have got into serious trouble because of my age. He started eating me out and it was great. It kept going on for a long while and he made me cum several times. We then french kissed and I realised I could taste blood. I asked him what happened. I was so embarrassed when he told me that I was still on my period. I could have died. He was so cool about it. He said it was okay and that it didnt matter because I was so young and he knew I was safe and clean and I was a virgin. I was so embarrassed I felt obliged to have sex with him. I lost my virginity to him that day. We had unprotected sex but because I was still on my period he was sure I would be safe and would not get pregnant. He was right.

    • EmmaBaby

      EWWWWWW.. hehe so you were on your period still. Was he grossed out? OMG I know how you must’ve felt.
      When you say abt your age, were you very very young? Was it your first time? Did it feel good? I am in a similar situation to you. I am so keen on doing it. My bf says he is happy to do it with me provided I dont tell anyone and dont get him into trouble.To me it really dont matter abt age. 😛

    • Megan

      hehehehe OMG did you call him “dracula” LOL
      It must have been so embarrasing !!
      Did you enjoy it though? I am sure he enjoyed you thoroughly.
      You being so young he would have been okay with it. It happens sometimes you have the period “remains” which then get pushed out when you orgasm and your uterus contracts. You must have been very young. LOL. He had a car so that would make him like 20s or something. LOL. Naughty, naughty. LOL But cool. Hope your first time was a great experience. Seems like he is a nice guy.

      • terriblynaive

        hahaha nooooooo I didnt. Yeah I was so embarrssed. Oh yeah it felt relly relly good. yeah he was like ‘you are young so don’t feel bad, its all kewl, I don’t mind, I enjoyed doin it to you.’ I was on the hood of the car and he wus standin between my legs and he wus pushing it into me. I relly relly enjoyed the hole thing. I swear it didn’t hurt like evry 1 says. It felt awsum. And he was like ‘its cool for me becoz I can cum inside you becoz you are still on your period’. He is older so he knows stuff.

    • haley

      HOLY MOTHER, hahahahaha OMG it mustve been so frickin embarrasin but yeah I aree with you older guys are so much more accomodating and can really put you at ease. So you must be quite young. Lucky you. A girls dream to have an older guy her FIRST time. Hope you enjoyed it. Hahahaha 😛

    • Puku

      OMG tht must’ve been so embarrasin.
      What did u do? Gosh thinkin of it, I am freakin out..LOL
      And, he wus cool abt it? wow, must be such a sweet guy!
      So were u bleedin becoz it wus ur first time or wus it u r period?
      I wud have died OMG !
      Did u knoe u wus gonna do it? I bet u didnt knoe wat to do so u let him.
      U had unprotected sex? wow!

  • whit

    I had the same situation,just that i went for a movie with my cousin sister. And she saw my stain, after the movie when we were getting out of the theatre.I didnt even realise that i was stained untill she told me so.But it ended up fine since she drove me home asap. She introduced to me adira period panties.I bought Adira by placing my order by email and received it on-time. I really like it. It is comfy and I just am more confident during my periods now. It has saved me at least 3-4 times from staining my pants.

  • neverbeenkissed

    lol, thats super funny. that totally happened to me once, but it was number 2, major oopsie. and to top it off, he was the hottest boy in the school, omg i like couldnt show my face in school every again. so i like transfered to 3 different schools, my third school was in Alaska but even the eskimos knew about my potty problem. lol!

  • Clover

    wow… that really must have been embarassing… i havent even got my period yet and all stories like these makes me really nervous and paraniod… but i read them so that i can be prepared

  • Clover

    Wow, that really is embarassing… i havent got my period yet and all stories like these make me nervous and paraniod. But i read them so i can be prepared.

  • Aphrodite

    I would’ve never thought of that! You’re smart.

  • Lisa

    Daang , thats so embaressing. Good thing he didnt notice though , nice backup gurl.
    You’re safe at the end 🙂

  • qwerty


  • Bobbie

    nice save!