5 Reasons Why It’d Be Rad To Be Daniel Radcliffe’s Girlfriend

Daniel Radcliffe is single again

Oh HELLO there, Daniel. | Source: FayesVision/WENN.com

So, did you guys hear that Daniel Radcliffe (aka Hottie McHottiepants) is single again?! It’s true! After two years with girlfriend Rosie Coker, word is that our favorite former boy wizard is back on the market. Just in case any of you single ladies out there are wondering whether you should run or just walk in his direction, let’s cut to the chase and admit that it’d probably be really cool to date Daniel Radcliffe–and not just because he was Harry Potter! Here’s five reasons why you should say Y-E-S if he ever asks you out:

1. Daniel Is A Hero
No, no. I’m not just talking about what he did to Voldemort. You might not know about this, but Daniel Radcliffe is a huge supporter of The Trevor Project, which champions LGBT youth and offers support to young people at risk of hurting themselves. We think the fact that he wants all people to be free to love whomever they want makes him beyond lovable himself!

2. He’s like, BFF with Emma Watson
You know, Emma Watson? The coolest girl ever? Right. If you dated Daniel Radcliffe, you’d probably get to hang out with Emma, too. And maybe meet her super good friend Ezra Miller (le swoon!).

3. Daniel listens to cool music
He’s into the Pixies and old school Weezer. If you’re already into these bands, you’ll have a ton to talk about. If you’re not? Get ready for some awesome mix tapes!

4. He’s super confident
Um, did you hear about that play that Daniel Radcliffe starred in? On Broadway? The one where he was totally naked on stage?! Right. That one. Well, he’s doing another nude scene in an upcoming movie, and all we have to say (besides “OMG, when is that coming out?!) is that we LOVE a confident man.

5. Nobody’s got eyes like Daniel Radcliffe
Have you seen those peepers? Yes, I know we’re being a bit superficial here, but you kind of can’t ignore eyes like his. They’re magical!

Are you happy that Daniel Radcliffe is single again? Would you go out with him if he asked you? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    I’ve always thought he was a cutie, but when I found out he was such a strong advocate for LGBT rights (and the fact that he doesn’t seem to get caught up in a bunch of stupid celeb drama), it made him even more attractive.



  • J.

    Well, I’ll be happy if he’s happy, regardless of his relationship status. And of course I’ll freakin accept his offer to go out and know more about him, though it’s highly unlikely to happen.

  • Random girl

    I LOVE HIM <3 But im only 14 ;o;

  • Emily

    He’s HARRY POTTER.That just beats out all of those.