Our Fave Halloween Costumes

The Gurl Editors are pretty excited about Halloween this year, but we have to face the sad realization that we reached our Halloween costume peaks years ago. We’ll just never have costumes as awesome as we did when we were younger. Instead of trying to outdo ourselves we decided to celebrate our best efforts yet. Here are the Gurl Editors’ favorite Halloween costumes from years past.

The Robot – Melanie

When I was nine, I was super into robots (okay, some things never change), so my mom made me this awesome outfit with dryer ventilator tubes and a real glowing light in my “control box.” Love it! I’m sure my sister was jealous, that’s why she was trying to attack me in this pic.

Raggedy Ann – Julie

Look at me. I said look at me! How stinking cute was I? This is bar none my best Halloween Costume of all time. I’m about two-years-old in this picture. I totally killed it in this Raggedy Ann costume that my mom sewed for me. SEWED FOR ME! This was before my little brother was born, obviously. As soon as that kid hit the scene, my Halloween costumes went down the tubes. And even as an adult, I haven’t made much of a comeback. I normally wait for the last minute and then just put my hair in pigtails and call myself a cowgirl. It’s lame. Maybe this year I’ll take a little inspiration from my two-year-old self and get my act together early. Probably not though.

Le French Maid – Jess

Not to sound bratty, but I think I was a pretty cute kid. I mean, everyone was cute when they were kids, right? Anyway, obviously I’m pouting my way through Halloween. I’m sure my little brother (who can be spotted back there having tons of fun with a balloon) was doing something to make me angry. As a side note, I showed this picture to my boyfriend the other day. He said, “Wow, you still make that exact same face when you get mad!” So I guess it’s nice to know that not much has changed.

The Planeteer – Emerald

My family never took pictures growing up so there isn’t any evidence of my many witch, alien and Barbie (she was the scariest of all) Halloween costumes. So I present you with the anti-climatic Planeteers from Captain Planet group costume we came up with freshman year of college. Of course, you can’t even see my Planeteer shirt in the pic so I just look like some random girl hanging out with Earth, Fire and Water.

And some of the awesome ladies from our videos sent us their pics too! ADORABLE!

Jamie From Do It, Gurl

Kate From Ask A Naked Guy

Kristina From See Gurl Try

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