Christina Aguilera Admits She Doesn’t Wear Underwear – Um, WTF?

Christina Aguilera Underwear

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Spoiler alert if you’re going to watch Chelsea Lately tonight (which, you should… her new season has been seriously awesome): Christina Aguilera makes an appearance and she dishes on wearing underwear. Or, you know, not wearing underwear.

X-Tina told Chelsea“I don’t like to wear underwear. I like to be as free as possible at all times. It’s just who I am.”

Uh, okay? I kind of think Christina should put some underwear on. I’m not trying to judge anyone or sound like a total prude or anything, but come on… underwear is important! I just feel like it’s something that should be a part of everyone’s outfit, every day.

It bugs me (and kind of grosses me out… sorry) when I see pictures of celebrities walking around with no bra on, or even worse, total crotch-shots of stars who seem to forget their undies when they’re wearing extremely short skirts/dresses. It’s one thing if you’re an average person who decides to go commando – there’s very little chance of someone snapping a close-up of your privates (but actually there still is a chance of that happening, so just be careful if you decide to go that route).

But it’s an entirely different thing when you’re a celebrity and you go out with no bra, no panties (does that word give anyone else the creeps?). You know people are photographing your every move! Then, when I’m innocently scrolling through gossip sites, I have to look at some seriously weird shot of you without underwear on. It’s just a little bit too personal for me.

Honestly, I don’t really get why some people like that “free” feeling. If I ever stepped out of my house in a dress or skirt with nothing underneath, I would be having mini panic attacks all day, wondering if people were getting a free show. And I know a few people who can wear jeans with no undies. I have one word for that: ouch. Seriously. Ouch.

Listen, if you want to forgo underwear every day, that’s your choice. I’m sure you’re saving a lot of money because, guys, Victoria’s Secret is expensive. But please just don’t tell me. You probably shouldn’t tell anyone, actually, unless you want creepy pervs following you around waiting for a glimpse. Just keep that little bit of info to yourself and we can all be happy.

Do you ever go out with no underwear on? Do you hate underwear? Or do you feel the same way as I do? Tell me in the comments.


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  • madisonsweet

    Have you ever actually tried it? It’s pretty amazing, actually.

  • Vada

    C’mon just let the girl do what she wants to do. So what if she’s a celebrity, at least she’s comfortable with her own body