Ask A Guy: What Do Guys Really Think About Fake Boobs?

Hi Ethan,

I know you’ve answered questions about boobs before, but I want to know about fake boobs. I’m thinking of getting a boob job. What do you guys really think about fake boobs? Do they think they’re weird? Have you ever felt them or seen them? Were you grossed out?

I have seen fake boobs. I have felt fake boobs. And I have to admit, I thought they were great!

Although some guys would prefer the real deal to silicone no matter what the size, I also know plenty who are just as content with well-done implants. And a smaller number in the “bigger is better” camp absolutely love augmented breasts. Ultimately, real or fake, guys just love boobs in general.

However, I do also know of some boob jobs through friends, the news, or the occasional adult film (hey, it just happened to be playing when I walked in…) that are not so fantastic. And those can be…problematic. So if you do decide to go for it, there are two things I can recommend from the male perspective:

1) Choose a size appropriate for your body type (i.e. if you’re 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, those double F’s you’re considering may be confused for basketballs attempting to strangle you).

2) Splurge and go to a highly skilled plastic surgeon. You don’t want to run the risk of ending up with something that looks especially unnatural, or, worse – misshapen.

As for the decision itself, I think you need to think hard and ask yourself some questions. Are you doing this for yourself, or to impress and attract guys? If you’re correcting a malformation, or feel that the ability to fill an A cup will make a huge difference in your self-confidence, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it. But breast augmentation is a procedure you should undertake only if it’s something that you really want. Don’t worry what guys will think – especially because to the ones worthy of dating you, it won’t matter much either way!

Good luck!

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  • Phoebe

    Yes, my man loves my fakeababy fake silicone boobs. I’m afraid of surgeries so it is the best option for me. He says that it looks real!

  • Star_LovesYhuu

    rofl guys like boobs all together so it doesnt really matter real or fake

  • Montsy

    Hey Ethan I just came across this gurl website which is awesome! (remember rosie).

    To the girl that is interested in implants; Please also keep in mind that every 10years you need to get them checked out and replaced. They also lower you immune system, and like Ethan said do your research and find qualified plastic surgeons in your area because you do NOT want a blotch boob job like, Tara Reid. Good Look!!!

    • Ethan Fixell

      Hey Montsy! (Sorry, I only just found this comment now.) Thanks for reading and giving great backup advice.

      Hope everything is great with you,


  • Matt

    I don’t think they are nessary

  • pinkheart

    I would think a lot of guys would like them, but I have heard guys in class mention they thought someone had fake boobs and they thought it wasnt great because they werent natural. But I think guys in general just like boobs, whether fake or not.

  • yssubramanyam

    there is no harm. men do like it. mostly people are going on with the above style.

  • Jugs

    Gotta correct this: FF is a pretty average cup size. If you saw a woman with a proper FF cup, you might assume C or D. Also, the cup size is proportionate to the size of the band! 30FF means smaller boobs than 34FF, although the waist-to-boob proportion is the same.

    So, yeah, if you’ve got a small frame and you want ‘big’ boobs, go beyond the mislabelled D cup. You might be a D right now.

    • ICanMakeYouSmile

      Jugs, I’m sorry but FF is NOT a common size. The reason a 30FF looks like a C or D is because the band size will slightly affect the cup. 30 is an especially small band size so it will actually make the cup part of the bra slightly smaller. But a 36D will actually be about the same size as a 30FF because the band size is much bigger.

      • Jugs

        Some of that’s essentially what I said. You’ve got two women, one who wears a 30FF and one who wears a 36DD. They both have about the same breast mass*, but the latter woman has a wider waist. A woman who wears 36FF would have the same waist-to-breast proportion as the one wearing 30FF.

        A ‘small’ band will not make the cup size proportionately smaller. The cut of the cup will make the cup size proportionately smaller. It’ll also depend on the shape of your boobs — one style looks gappy on me, one style is too tight, though they’re both labelled the same size.

        Most women are wearing band sizes too loose and cup sizes too small, either through lack of information or because that’s all anybody sells. That’s how we get convinced that anything above DD is unusual and/or fake. For a few photos of properly-fitting bras in various cup sizes, check out blogs undressedtoimpress (wordpress) and venusianglow dot com’s Bra Matrix section.

        * to calculate this, I go 30FF, 32F, 34E, 36DD. (I’m using UK sizes because they’re by far the most consistent and wide-ranging).