Are You Addicted To Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?!

Flamin Hot Cheetos

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Are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos the new heroin?

A lot of people are claiming that the spicy, salty snack is addictive–and a lot of parents and teachers are concerned that you might be walking down the wrong path. A study reported that “hyperpalatable foods”–basically, anything that tastes really good but you know isn’t good for you–can cause the same chemical reactions in your brain that drugs do. Basically? Delicious foods are terrifyingly dangerous.

“It’s something that has been engineered so that it is fattier and saltier and more novel to the point where our body, brain and pleasure centers react to it more strongly than if we were eating, say, a handful of nuts,” Ashley Gearhardt, an assistant professor of clinical psychology said about junk food. “Going along with that, we are seeing those classic signs of addiction, the cravings and loss of control and preoccupation with it.”

Like drugs, you may well get in trouble for having Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in school, though you’ll likely not be reprimanded as harshly as if you had a baggie of something green. A lot of schools are banning and confiscating the snack, catching the perps redhanded–literally, because that’s what happens to your fingers when you eat them.

But let’s get down to the facts: How do you know when you’re addicted to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Do you find yourself scratching the floors when you get to the bottom of a bag? Do you find that you’re broke because you’re spending all of your babysitting money on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing on your mind before bed? Are you trying to hide your consumption of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from your family and friends? Have they staged an intervention? Have you ever purchased Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on the black market? Is there a potential for gang or gun violence to affect you if you attempt to purchase a bag? If so, you might have a problem.

How can you curb a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos habit? It’s best to do it in small steps. You may want to try cutting back to half a bag at a time, taking smaller bites to savor the flavor without overdoing it. Results of methadone treatment on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos addicts haven’t been released, and there aren’t any clinics open to treat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos addiction at this time. However, experts suggest that at-risk youth who hang out in the gym or the produce section face the least likelihood of developing a dependency.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you think you have a problem and think you’re in danger of being addicted to something delicious in a crinkly bag. And please, never drive immediately after consuming Flamin’ Hot Cheetos–at least not until the food coma (you know, the crash after the “high”) wears off and you’ve washed your hands.

Do you think Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are really addictive? Do you think Flamin’ Hot Cheetos should be banned in schools? Have you ever been addicted to junk food? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Emy Leyva

    I told my family i thought that they were addicting, they laugh and say It’s not addicting, you’re just weak.
    I have eaten a bag of cheetos or fries every day for the last 14 years. I have tried and did stop. longest i went was 1.5 months. And i still eat them. Mentally i look at them and think Ugh! I hate you, get away! But then I get anxious and all i think about it eating the damn bag! I went on a diet. I ate so healthy for an entire month i did not have chips. But as much protein as i ate, 15 minutes later, I was hungry again. Then I tested my theory. In a matter of two weeks, I ate nothing but 1 bag of chips all day. But I was full the entire day. Its as if my mind and body were not happy unless I ate the chips! I really do need help. I know I am strong willed. With anything else, I have no problem saying no. No to drugs, no to alcohol, no to peer pressure. But when it comes to hot cheetos or cheeto fries, I am weak. Right now a $2 bag lasts me a couple of days, because I’ve been taking small bites of each chip, and really making each chip last. it makes me feel like I ate the bag by only eating about 20 chips vs the whole bag. i kind of am tricking my own mind. I have two kinds, and I DO NOT allow them to eat chips! I really am trying to quit because my 4 yr old always asks why I can eat them, but she cant. Its not fair! I want to be an example. I have been playing soccer my whole life. Even now at 26. I think that is what kept me skinny for so long. but something has to change.

  • Kierra Stoudemire

    I think that hot Cheetos and hot fries are the reason that my seizures started,because I stopped eating them for so long and last year I started eating them again and that’s when my seizures started… But I can’t help it I love hot foods there soooooo good, can anyone relate or help with this?

  • leuayva

    I am most definitely addicted to them… They did make me gain weight, but shit the bigger the butt the better. I eat a large bag in approximately 2days. I just need the burn.every second of everyday. Loved this article as well. Lmao.

  • Login

    Shiiiit I’m eatin them while I’m reading this and I have to say all of everything was very entertaining.

  • Beez

    I am addicted I must say! I definitely need help. I used to be skinny and now I’m 157 lbs!! And I’m only 5’4. It’s from those damn chips dammit. I can’t help myself, I need to go to rehab.

  • Stephanie

    Im addictided to got cheetos i gang some weight about 20 with hoy cheetos is bad for

  • Blanca

    I confess. Im addicted to hot cheetos! Its not my fault they’re so delicious! Ive been eating them since i was 4 and now i cant go a day without them!! I got to a point where I shake and cry if i dont get a bag. I need serious help. I cant stop eating them. Help me. Please.

  • alondra perez

    I cant stop eating them i say i go into a diet without eating them and i cant i really need alot of help am over weight over those stupid things i hate my body so much i just want them out of my life 🙁 i want to have a perfect body i want to be as skinny as the other girls at my school

  • Skinny P

    Yo yo i have eatin these chips and im hooked im on a full (large) bag once a week, i eat them all within two days and try to hold off till the next week. i feel the unhealthy ness, i hate it but i cant stop im a cheto addict!

  • hotcheetosaddict22

    I’ve been eating hot cheetos since I was 5yrs old, I’m 23about to turn 24. Hot cheetos is really an addiction they taste awsome I’m mexican I love spicy food. Hot cheetos is not a drug. Hot cheetos has an ingredient like a lot of fast foods do that makes them adding.
    Which makes people act like a drug addict. Every day I have the urge for hot cheetos whether I just a actuall good n stuffed my self to a food coma lol I still would eat a big bag of cheetos, and ill feel good while eating them till aafter ill feel horrible that ill eat more to feel good again. I’m always careful wen I eat them cuz my father does not like me eating them like a good parent he is but i always find ways. Taking precautions not to end up wit red fingers or the bag making noise in middle of the night. Its really sad n depressing that I know I can’t go a day without eating them. I’ve tried to stop but only because I’m competitive I’ve gone a week without eating them n I feel like crying at nights I gave all my credit cards to my mom all my cash, so if u think they are not addictive YOU’RE WRONG!! We all know what is good and bad. I’m at a point in my life I hate my self I workout a lot just so I can eat hot cheetos n not look horrible but that doesn’t change my cholesterol levels where I’m a normal size n I’m closer to a heart attack then the 711 around the corner from my house!! So if u don’t know how this feels keep ur comments to ur self!! We are going tru enough to deal with dumb people like u that just comment cuz they have nothing else to do. Now if u have help comments or encouraging words that would be very helpful.

    • Sofia

      I know exactly how you feel I’m 16 and I’ve been eating them since I was 8 and I wonder what I would be like if I never had them. I went on a month long vacation to europe this summer and I hadto bring atleast 2 bags with me. When I finished those bags, all I wanted to do was go home back to America (they don’t sell them in Europe or Canada). It’s really sad how I can’t enjoy myself or be happy without eating the chips. I have a fast metabolism and I am pretty skinny (I’m 5’4″ and I weigh 99lbs) but I’m scared that the chips are going to catch up with me when I’m older… I feel you though

    • alex

      I’m almost exactly the same… I didn’t think it was possible to be addicted until I tried to stop eating them but I couldn’t. It does feel a little embarrassing that I an addicted but I started taking baby steps and with the help of some friends I hope I can kick the curb

  • bevelyn

    I am 19 and I have been addicted to hot cheetos seens I was 16. I don’t know why but they taste so good I’ve been trying to lose weight but I cant because I’m constantly craving chips. I try not to buy them when I go grocery shopping but its impossible. I tell myself I’ll eat one last bag but I know its not. I need help. I have two daughters a 3 year old and a 7month old . And now my 3 year old is starting to crave them too. I try to give her other things but she won’t take them. But I know one day ill grow out of this habit.

  • LocalOreo

    Do I sense a hint of sarcasm? hmm…

  • ajamarie

    hot cheetos are NOT addictive! people like to eat them because they taste good, but comparing them to drugs is wrong. its like you are calling everybody that eats hot cheeotos drug addicts!!!

  • Czarina

    I may not have a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos habit but I am a chipsaholic! It has come to the point where I stash chips everywhere (underwear drawer, locker, under my bed) I am consuming chips like it was my own brand of heroine (*cough reference to Twillight cough*). Maybe it’s the saltiness, maybe it’s the high fat content….what ever it is, I need to cut down.