10 GIF Reactions To Hollywood’s Hypocritical Beauty Standards

L: Mindy Kaling R: Lena Dunham. When these women are considered big, we have a serious problem.

The other day I was reading the New York Times article, “Female Stars Step Off the Scale.” The article has good intentions but it only brings to light the ridiculous beauty standards in Hollywood. The piece singles out women like Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling and Rebel Wilson as bucking the norm, instead of, you know, being normal. Which is what they are–totally normal!

One quote sums up the article, “They don’t go on diets or have liposuction to fit into red-carpet outfits; they let out a seam.” No one is letting out any seams, it’s like the media doesn’t know designers and clothing stores ACTUALLY make clothing in sizes larger than 4. How screwed up is it that these girls with rocking bodies are regarded as abnormal in Hollywood?

When I first saw the the title, “Female Stars Step Off The Scale,” I was like:


So you want me to believe Lady Gaga is overweight?


Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham are talented, but are we really putting people on a pedestal because they look normal?


Oh . . . WAIT! I get it. These women are special for being regular because Hollywood has crazy beauty standards that make normal people feel inadequate. Duh!


If Mindy, who says she is a size 8 in her book, is fat, then I guess everyone I know is fat. Even though “plus size” is size 12 and over, and I know plenty of size 12s who have rocking bodies, I guess they’re fat too.


So Hollywood demands that every girl be a size two, but when a girl who is slightly bigger manages to earn her way in she is praised for breaking barriers? The very barriers Hollywood has created. What do you want me from, Hollywood? What do you want?!


I guess I deserve a New York Times article written about me for having a healthy BMI.


Every time I do this . . .


Or this . . .


I am just so freaking brave.

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  • Paige

    I am a size 2, and my best friend is 5’7 and only weighs 90 lbs (so she’s a size 00). it’s funny, because i am very athletic, but next to her I look almost chubby. People are always like “don’t be silly you’re not overweight” and I am like “I know I’m not, I never said I was”
    Most of the girls in my school are size 00- size 4, because everyone popular is also athletic. I am 5′ 4 and 120 lbs, but I am super strong, and one of the fastest girls in my grade. It’s sad, beause anyone who is not a small size looks a lot bigger than normal at my school because so many of us are small sizes.

  • MelodyJustine97

    Okay Im a size like 0.
    And it really irritates me that everyone says to me “How do you stay that small?”
    Or “I would kill to be your size.”
    News flash people, Its not that great to be small.
    I hate it!
    I would give anything to beable to gain the like 20 pounds i need to gain.
    I am 5′ 7″ and only 105lbs.
    So next time you think, “I need to lose weight” or “I wish i was smaller”
    stop and tell yourself you are beautiful the way you are (:

  • luvlexi

    i like the little videos to deminstrate the points

  • Jawanza

    im a size 14 and im not “fat”. im considered overweight because im 5’10 and 190lbs but i look good

  • Jennifer

    This is AMAZING.

  • Nia

    That very last one got me. Yes, Octavia, you are courageous.