Dear Lisa Frank: Please Hire Me

Lisa Frank

Look at that bear!

Lisa Frank. Those two little words are enough to make me want to cry in a pool of nostalgia. Whenever I hear that iconic brand name, I think of my brightly colored childhood notebooks, folders and pencil cases, all covered in more brightly colored stickers. I mean, Lisa Frank was pretty much my favorite thing ever when I was younger. Seriously, it feels like that brand was practically made especially for me.

So obviously, I was thrilled to see that Urban Outfitters got a chance to interview the super secret Lisa Frank herself and take a trip over to the Lisa Frank headquarters. I didn’t even know that was a thing. But now I know what my life goal is – to work there. I know it might be sort of weird to say that since I kind of already work at Gurl (although I’m pretty sure my boss will understand), but it’s true. So, consider this my application:

Dear Lisa Frank,

I don’t know if your company is hiring right now or not. But that shouldn’t really matter here, because I promise you that I’m the perfect person to hire. I’ll do whatever job it is you need me to do – and if that includes getting to test out every product you make, then so be it. Because here’s the thing: there is no one who loves cute animals, fairies, sparkles and bright colors more than I do. Seriously.

Listen, Lisa (you don’t mind if I call you that, right?), I’m kind of your number one biggest fan. When I was little, I used to buy every piece of Lisa Frank merchandise I could until my mom refused to buy me anymore… then I just asked my grandma. My desk was the most colorful desk in the classroom.

You say you were a huge girly girl when you were little? Me too! I totally understand the need to put rainbows, hearts, stars and glitter on everything. I could spend every hour of my day looking at pictures of cuddly baby animals (fake or real) and not get bored. I really respect your decision to make leopard print even cooler by making it rainbow leopard print.

Okay, so maybe I’m not the best artist. I don’t think I can really draw like you can. But, and trust me on this, I am an expert at coloring. Especially when it comes to things like unicorns and teddy bears. And I’m more than happy to go through that vault of every single thing you’ve ever made and just, you know, make sure it’s all looking okay in there.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that you should hire me. Give me a job. Let me live in the Lisa Frank factory. You’ll be fulfilling a childhood dream. It’s a win-win! So call me. Or email. Whatever works for you!

Love, Jessica

Watch the interview here… bonus? You’ll see a super rare Mila Kunis Lisa Frank commercial! It’s pretty amazing:


Are you a Lisa Frank fan? Would you love to work there? Do you still buy Lisa Frank stuff? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Aby


  • Windex

    Oh my gosh. The nonstalgia just whooshed over my mane.
    You’re a cool writer, probably one of my favorite editor/article writier person on this site.

  • Amanda

    I have fond childhood memories of Lisa frank stickers and notepads 🙂

  • Anonymous

    When I was little I thought Lisa Frank was stupid. Every time I got a piece of their merchandise I would put in my room & NEVER use it 🙂 But I had a girl friend who adored it! I just didn’t understand it but then I again that girl was one of few female friends I had. I loved to dress girly but I also loved getting dirty & picking up bugs! I was an odd child . . . funny thing is I now appreciate the company now O.o